this in a resopnse of a great discussion "how far would you go to protect someone you care for??" With all I see on the TV about Rapests, Child molesters, and other atrosities going on in our neiborhoods. Do you believe that Magick could and/or should be used to make your neiborhoods safer???? Where and How would you draw the line???

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What else is it for?

Well.Gee.lots of stuff,but vengence and retruibution,protection are good!~
I feel a geis of protection is a good thing, so long as it's left permeable from the inside to vent negative energy. Don't want the animals getting aggressive.

My own personal answer would be that it depends on who you are and your own values. I do not believe in karma in the sense many people do. I think of karma as something you set up for yourself as a teaching tool when you are disincarnate. This being said I will further state my own personal views.

I have no qualms and an heirloom gun to back everything else up. My families well being is more important to me than someone who makes a bad decision and opens themselves up to cause and effect.

When I think of doing something on a massive scale I ask myself how would I go on empowering the spell so that it maintains itself. I would root the spell in a physical object and find something to empower it. I would probably use peoples negative emotions. To make the place better by removing some of the anger, hate and hopefully fear. The best example I could give is like this. I know some energy vampires who will draw in negative emotion and transmute it before it is drawn into themselves by creating a filter.  When this is done you can actually feel the tension being drawn out of the room.

In my nice suburban neighborhood there was a string of brutally violent attacks two summers ago.  One of our neighbors was almost beaten to death.  I and a few of my coven mates did a spell to make them "glow" to police.  We deigned that the people responsible for the attacks would be highly visible to law enforcement.  The next day, they were caught (I'd like to believe I had something to do with that, but we'll never know). 

As far as preemptively warding a neighborhood, I'd find that to be iffy.  For instance, my neighborhood is heavily Catholic and I'm pretty sure that doing any Wiccan spell on behalf of those people would not be well accepted by them if they knew.  So I wouldn't do it.

The exception for me would be in times of great strife, such as war.  I would use any means at my disposal to prevent immanent atrocities that can be reasonably predicted to occur.  I feel it's my duty as a witch to protect people's human rights in times of crisis.

Magic is a tool.  And I'll apply it in any situation where I think it will be effective. 


I'm a martial artist.  I have NOOOOOO problem laying someone out flat if the situation calls for it, so why not do the same with magic?

I've been taking kick boxing lately,love it!!
Nice :) I need to find a new dojo, since I've given up on the current one reconstituting itself.
Its called a curse ,hex or banishing and in my realm it is a given for protectiion and/or revenge,especially in my OWN neighborhood or family.........
100% agree.Did you hear about that 8 year olde little boy in NY?
Yes I do .....
Magic should never be used except for the furtherance of good and light. Only in extreme situations should it be used defensively. There is a story about how the witches in England during WWII got together and raised a "cone of power" against Hitler, telling him he could not come...I think that is fair. But otherwise, use it positively, to create beauty. Like the physician's creed, do no harm...


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