Now I don't know if I've done a discussion but I would like to know an answer. Do you think that we should drop the K in Magick and just spell it Magic. I know that a lot of people are into using the word Magick and spelling it but I personally believe that if you can't tell the difference between real magic and slight of hand then I don't know what to say. I think that spelling Magic with a K just denotes bad spelling. Also most people out there will say that spelling Magic with a K implies that your a fluffy bunny.


I would never call someone that but it helps to know what people are looking for and how they will use it to put you down.

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I think its stupid to have a K on the end of it. I don't really see the point of it. I mean is the K at the end supposed to make it sound more special and "ooooh magical..excuse me..magickal". Meh fook it. I think putting the K at the end of it was an attempt to put a bigger significance on it.
no, the majieck is the Ed Hardy clothing of fashion. It gives great clues about whom discussions can be worthwile with.
The only thing that Crowley was ever accused of being was the most evil man in the world, or England. He liked that title but he sure as heck wasn't fluffy. Of course I don't like that word fluffy, though Laurie Cabot has been described as fluffy. Personally there are things about her that I don't like but having a tradition named after yourself doesn't mean that your fluffy. Of course she's in her eighties so I leave her alone. It's as bad as insulting my own grandmother.

I have no interest in whether there is a 'K' or not. I did want to point out that lots of cultures have individuals practicing magic who have their own independent roots which do not flow through Crowley. 

You do have a point about Crowley. I think if it a nod to Crowley then I guess that is a bit different. I admit I didn't think about that. >>; I stand corrected.
I dropped the letter K. The only K I want to see is Special K cereal.
I don't use the K I think its a bit pretentious, and Crowley may have used it but I've a feeling that would just have been to be different.  He started off in the Craft but moved around a lot.

Would strongly suggest you do a bit of research on the history of the word "magick" and the reason why it is spelled that way:


As for "most people out there will say that spelling Magic with a K implies that your a fluffy bunny," I seriously doubt that anyone who has done even a little bit of work with The Great Work will think that way. Aleister Crowley, who re-introduced the word magick into modern usage, was many things, but certainly not a "fluffy bunny."


Better to drink from the Fountain of Knowledge that to just gargle at it.


I speculate that Crowley would puke in that fountain if he were here today.

Think Malcolm McLaren, looking for his Vivienne.


My best wishes for something like THAT to come true! Seriously.

Strangely it makes me think of that scene from House 1000 corpses where they Firefly family is lowering a coffin with two people dressed in bunny suits into the ground well Crowley's voice on a recorder is being lowered with it with him saying over and over "bury me in a nameless grave" over and over

Its MAJIK now. Where have you guys been?  OMG, if you are going to be doing the uber juju spellworkings and castings and summonings of eminent importance then you MUST spell it MAJIK!  


that said, I'm only kidding.  I don't care one wit about the spelling of  the word.  I know what it means when I say it.  If people can't understand what I'm talking about via the context of my sentences or vocal discussion, then they aren't the brightest crayons in the box and nothing I can do will change that.  


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