Now I don't know if I've done a discussion but I would like to know an answer. Do you think that we should drop the K in Magick and just spell it Magic. I know that a lot of people are into using the word Magick and spelling it but I personally believe that if you can't tell the difference between real magic and slight of hand then I don't know what to say. I think that spelling Magic with a K just denotes bad spelling. Also most people out there will say that spelling Magic with a K implies that your a fluffy bunny.


I would never call someone that but it helps to know what people are looking for and how they will use it to put you down.

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Yes indeed.


I don't much care what other people think about the big things in life and I sure as heck am not going to give a toss about little things like their opinions of a letter.


The evolution of spelling K' magic'K... it is really, unreal.

"UNIMPORTANT",indeed...hi ya F M!!

Magical texts written in Latin used 'magis' and 'magic'. When books were printed in English and other Germanic languages, the K was appended because of spelling and pronunciation inconsistencies. For instance, the word "Cent" (a penny) was originally pronounced with a hard K, but due to the changing sounds of the English language is now pronounced with an S sound. It became necessary to change the spelling of words whose pronunciations were ambiguous. As an example, the first minting of the British Gold Noble contained the word "TRANCIENS". The second printing alters the spelling to "TRANSIENS".


Even in our time, when spelling and pronunciation are pretty much fixed, English maintains the S and hard K pronunSiation for the letter C.


Long story short, the K onSe kept people from saying "Ma-jis".


One of the reasons Crowley gave for spelling magick with a K is that it confounds the so-called experts. More often than not these days we need to drop the K to get the same indignant effect.


The most compelling reason to spell magick with a K?


Learn magic

Learn magick

DO some of YOU really get that immersed in a letter? Really? Though I DO find it interesting. I also find it very trite.....

Words, letters, runes... These are my tools. With them I can change how people think, act, and react.


Knowing Latin lacks a native K is as important for me as knowing not to stand in the Triangle.

Possibly ,indeed,you can......I can change how people think,hopefully by seeing what i do.....and am
Sometimes one letter makes all the difference. For instance, I have been asked whether the Archangel associated with Mars is Samael or Camael. I usually answer "Yes". The Talmudic spelling begins with Samekh and that letter can be transliterated as S or C. Either way it is pronounced the same. This, and other related matters, might not matter to many of the people here, but they matter a great deal to some of us.
IF someone KNOWS what magick,magic is ,it isnt going to make nary a spit of difference,common sense.......and indeed,it matters nothing to me...just that I do it
Hi, the K stands for Kaph or the letter of the hebrew that means open hand. It means a helping hand or a leg up in your quest. The word magic is formula for transforming spirit into matter and the way that it is done. K is an extension of that formula and its manifestation. A fluffy bunny in deed you need to study and learn its ok. Usually a pat on the back side is done with an open hand but so is a slap to the face                  WELCOME!
Personally I feel the "K" should stay in the word "Magick".  WitchCraft, Ceremonial Magick, the Intend  -  is you as a Witch's personal intend behind the Magick that you are doing.  So personally for me (Magick and my intend) the "K" should stay.
"FOR ME"........this is what matters.......

Not for me, I enjoy and identify with the special spelling of it.  BBecky


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