I make alot of my own remedies and I'm fighting some what of a narly fever and sore throat right now and was just wondering what you guys swear by?


Also a family member has lupus, does anyone has suffer from this aliment and if so what do you do to help ease the pain and reduce symptoms?

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i eat garlic when i have a cold or the flu.

i'm sorry, i don't know what to use for lupus.
The Tibetans swear by ginger for a sore throat. I usually brew up some lemon and ginger tea and add honey for it's antibacterial properties. I take 1,000 mg of Vit C and some zinc and swear by a 6 week course of Echinacea! Blessed be! and get well soon!
I hardly take any sort of actual medicine because I hate the chemicals affects on me. I usually take a hot shower/bath (if you take a bath use lavendar, milk & honey, or camomile bath salts), drink lots of organic teas, and there is this aloe drink you can also use for a fever reducer. Honey is also good for a sore throat as it coats and soothes it very well.

I meditate sometimes to and that generally helps somehow lol.


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