I've been hearing alot lately about the "new Zodiac", and how it changes the way people think about the buisness of astrology, but what are we suposed to think? I can't even find out anything about this new sign Ophiuchus, what element it's ruled by, what this sign even means.


I am a gemini, and I act like the discriptions of what a gemini is, all of the sudden I'm suposed to be a Taurus? How does this work?

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Whaaat? I was a Taurus, now I'm supposed to be an Aries... Not that I acted like a Taurus... or cared much for astrology. I'm just used to being a Taurus. No. No, screw you astrology. I'm being stubborn and keeping my old sign... Huh. That was kind of Taurus'y of me...

I see from your page that you live in the United States so this does not involve you..  this has to do with a different astrological system and not western astrology so you remain a gemini....

Which astrological system does it have to deal with?
It doesnt work for me. I'm sticking with being an ARIES

Hi Class... no worries you are still ARIES  ... oh man are you Aries in a great way....

HUGS....the thought of being anything else.the whole horoscope thing is not my forte,my fiend much,just the generalities of the signs are interesting

The Astrological signs are all associated with differnt elements. Air is gemini, Libra, Aquarius; Fire is Aries, Leo, Scorpio; Water is Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio; and Earth is Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

your zodiac signs dont change, the new zodiacs are for people born after 2009
WHAT? Is that true E. TELLER of Tales? Dont you know this stuff? I thought it changed for people in certain areas.??

The first day of summer (summer solstice) has been the first degree of Cancer for thousands of years.

thanks for the info,both of you,NOT my area of expertise......sounded just a wee bit off to me....
Is it Vedic Astrology?   Anyway, it is not new - just part of a different astrology - India maybe?


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