Blessings everyone.


Ok, I accidentally posted this under blogs in stead of discussions.  It's actually already sorted out, but I wanted to post it here anyway, in case anybody else has the same thing that comes up.  I don't know how I mixed up blogs and discussions, tired maybe.  I'm just going to copy and paste everything here with it's replies, because I think the link that Dee gave was great.


Here it is:


Blessings everyone


I have a strange question, and to be quite honest, I have no idea what to make of it.


Every time I settle in to sleep, or nap, just as I drift off, my solar plexus (I assume it's the chakra) gives me a buzz, like a jolt, and brings me completely out of sleep and wide awake.  This started happening about a week ago, when I started a new meditation technique.


Ok, to explain just a little, I have always always always, had huge problems meditating, because I can't quiet my thoughts, my mind is always racing, and I am never able to reach a  meditative state.  About a week ago, I started a new technique, and from the get go, it's been an absolute success, and an amazing experience.  There's lots there too, but that's not what this post is about.


Then the ... buzzing started (for want of a better word).  It's like when you take battery and touch one side to the battery and the then touch the other side on your skin, like a small jolt that feels like a buzz.  Well it feels like someone is touching my solar plexus with the other side of this wire making the buzz go through there.  It's very strange, I've tried searching on google for it, to no avail, I can't find anywhere that it mentions either a solar plexus buzz or a solar plexus chakra buzz and I don't know how else to phrase my search.


This is completely freaking me out, not to mention, I am not sleeping well because of it, because every time I drift off, I get this buzz, that jolts my whole body emanating from my solar plexus and I'm wide awake.  I don't know if it's good or bad, I don't even know what it is exactly.  Has anyone here, heard of this, or experienced this?  Please, I would really appreciate some input here, because if I'm supposed to be doing something with this chakra, or if it's just letting me know that it's healing or something, then I need to know.


Love & Light



Just to add quickly, I am now, as of today after my morning meditation, becoming aware of a tingling sensation around the area, all the time, and still get the sudden buzz when I drift off.



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   Comment by Dee Long 1 day ago

can I suggest a group here that may help?


Comment by Leslie Spencer 1 day ago

Thank you Dee, I will take a look in that group if I can find any answers :)

Comment by Dee Long 1 day ago


yw. it may not give you an answer but could explain a lot of what you practice;) I meditate every day and ive seen major improvement! especially with chakras.



Comment by Leslie Spencer 1 day ago

Yes, I only recently managed to get it right, and it's been amazing.  I never knew that simple meditation can do this for you, if everybody practiced, what a wonderful and beautiful loving it would be.

Comment by Leslie Spencer 13 min ago


Blessing everyone


I just thought that I'd post here, for in case anyone else ever came up with the same question, because I had a lot of trouble finding the answers.  I will post the link here as well for those that want to see the full article.


Basically in a nutshell what is happening, is my my solar plexus chakra is releasing energy and healing, which is awesome, because after finding out what the solar plexus chakra is associated with, it is linked to just about all my recent health issues that I've been having recently, so YAY!! :)


Here's the link:

Signs and Symptoms




Here are a few signals that indicate the presence of the higher energies:
Buzzing, clicking, humming, roaring or ringing sounds, tingling sensations, goose bumps, hair standing on end, floral aromas, feelings of expansion or contraction, heaviness or lightness, numbness or paralysis in any part of your body, electric-like pulses or surges of energy, spinning, vibrations or movement of any kind...

Let it happen as it wants to...
not how you judge or think it should be.
Things will shift and change in their own way.
If you try to control - this will block the flow
and make your process ever so much longer.
If you try to resist - this will use up life energy
and make your process ever so much harder
(and make you very tired).
Give yourself space and time to
"be" with what is happening
alone or with those who are understanding.
Don't project or blame onto others...
everything you feel is your stuff - your responsibility...
but the healing work will help you"


There's lots of great other info on that page, so be sure to take a look.  Ok, well then I guess this discussion is completed.  Now ... to get some sleep, I was buzzed last night 4 times in 1 hour just as I would drift off!  I think eventually I just passed out in simply didn't feel the buzzing anymore :)


Many blessings and love and light and peace to everyone, and thanks for your input Dee :)



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