Solitary Wiccan practioner on Samhain- what do YOU do to celebrate?

 hey everyone!!  I'm here in the northwoods, a solitary wiccan. Honestly, I don't do alot of formal rituals, it's more of a way I choose to believe and live my life.  However, I DO want to do something to formally celebrate Samhain- nothing elaborate- just my way of both giving thanks, and communing with my loved ones that have passed and letting them know they are loved and missed.

 Looking for ideas on small ceremony's..what do YOU do for the big day!

thanks for any ideas/comments ahead of time!

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this sounds like so much fun!!! i would love to dance with you!
I will be celebrating on the night of the 26th with a fire in my outside cauldron, weather permitting, and remembering those who passed on before me.

Thanks Tracey! This sounds great- whatever I do, and it will be outside around a fire- it will be by myself. My husband might join me just to be there, but while he is open minded, he's more of a  But I'm sure I'll feel the spirits of those who have  passed over, so I won't be alone!

   and the pumpkin bread sounds YUMMY!

I decorate - if I haven't already - I burn incense, candles, set up my Day of the Dead altar with offerings and after watching my traditional spooky movies on DVD, meditate on my loved ones who have passed.
I will not be able to celebrate with my group this year.  On Saturday a bunch of people are getting together to carve pumpkins and I will be making Meal in a Pumpkin.  On Sunday I'll get my altar set up with some offerings.  On Monday I will probably just do a simple meditation and invite the ancestors and see what happens.  It all sounds kinda lame.  I wish I was going to the Witches' Ball and the group ritual.  I keep feeling like I'm going to miss out on something really special by staying home.  But then again, it is Samhain.  I might be surprised.
This is how I feel. Doing something simple just doesn't feel like enough..sounds like you're feeling that also.  I will dress up and walk around the little town giving out candy ( I live outside of it, so I have to walk around handing out candy) But I DO want to dress up in my 'traditional' witches garb and this gives me an excuse!  Then I'll come home, start a fire outside, do a meditation and focus on my son, my grandmother, and my in-laws especially...And you're IS Samhain- so you never know what will happen!
Yep, I'm going to wear my ritual robe with a witch hat to pass out candy on Monday.  I might as well blend the magickal with the mundane and see what happens.  Passing candy out is a ritual in itself.

My Smahain celebration is normally 6 days. 

In those six days I bake, decorate, make offerings, practice my divination work, etc.

On Halloween night I cook an early dinner and set aside a plate for those that have passed...this year it will be for my Teacher who has passed. I then prepare for the trick-or-treaters. Once that's over and done with I head up to the Trans allegheny lunatic asylum, my usual haunting grounds, and enjoy the bonfire/music/tours/haunted house. Then around midnight I make an offering of incense to the spirits still trapped at the asylum, and head home to watch some horror movies. 

Boring, but it's how I like it. 



Raven- that doesn't sound boring to me, actually quite fullfilling!  

 Have fun, and many blessings to  you this new year!

I would usually hold ritual and log onto paganspace...


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