This is a new age of what I call 'Wooden Ships'. 1500's a time when people got

together and planned the exploitation of the resources of the World.

I am wondering about the new techniques for practicing the different paths

in space.

Reason for this is to share the Sci/Tech/Cad-Cam- 3-D processes that will

bring this to pass. What is driving this; 1- the need for new experiences and Vistas.

2: the pursuit of wealth.

The post will be from the Global Groups, Private Space companies and Space Agencies

around the world.

Brand new WWW project.

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New techniques in defining what Life is comprised of.

At some point—maybe a billion years from now—maybe less, the Sun’s core, not the whole Sun but just the core, will run out of Hydrogen fuel. At that point, the Sun will temporarily shutoff and collapse on itself. The pressure from the collapse will ignite a Helium burn which will then cause the Sun to expand. That’s the ‘nova bounce’. In its expansion it will swallow the orbits of Mercury, Venus and Earth at which point the Earth will dissolve in a nuclear fire leaving nothing behind. The only trace of humanity left after that event will be what we leave in deep space or on other planets outside the Sun’s reach. The current best survivable representatives of human civilization are the two Voyager spacecraft with their golden records. Seriously, can't we do better?

Do not expect gov's to help much. This Global Endeavor is about those who

reach beyond the status quo and push the boundaries  past the breaking point

and beyond.

Those who go into space  will build something new and expand knowledge exponentially, eventually reaching the stars. The Pioneers will cross more than One boundary. 

 I find this a very good point, the careless and un-lucky will die.


"Seriously, can't we do better?"

We might as well accept the fact that we will die with the Earth.

There iwill have to be a renewable source of energy to travel to an exoplanet but other issues will rise too like interstellar radiation and creating artificial gravity....

I think net nanny robots will transplant our DNA to ever farther planets even maybe to a different galaxy and beyond.Robots will be able to have interchangeable parts that they can fix for a very long time too. AI will make it possible for the robots to discern I hope rational thinking and logic to our fate for Humanity.

I have seen only one post, couple of years ago, on gamma ray shielding. The 'Golden Age 

of Science Fiction' has written about many of the things that need to be done.

 The core of the people working on the private space endeavor are from the global military, who

have practical experience, besides the First private space pilot was a school dropout.

 Ability is being able to pour piss out of a boot without reading the directions on the heel.


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