This is a new age of what I call 'Wooden Ships'. 1500's a time when people got

together and planned the exploitation of the resources of the World.

I am wondering about the new techniques for practicing the different paths

in space.

Reason for this is to share the Sci/Tech/Cad-Cam- 3-D processes that will

bring this to pass. What is driving this; 1- the need for new experiences and Vistas.

2: the pursuit of wealth.

The post will be from the Global Groups, Private Space companies and Space Agencies

around the world.

Brand new WWW project.

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That may be so, but, ordinary people are training themselves for Space. Some call it the Seeding, those who have a will find a way using what ever they can dream up.

 There are thousands of companies taking part, so I have a slight Idea.


RT NatGeoEducation: "Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."

The Artemis Generation will witness a new, more inclusive paradigm of space exploration as the United States provides leadership with international and private sector partners going forward to the Moon and on to Mars.


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