It has been said that there is a spiritual war between Satan and Jesus the Nazarene, would you as a being conform to any of these sides? The old ways of worshipping Satan/ Malek Daal/ Shaitan/ Lucifer has been an ongoing battle between the newer Judaic/Christianity/Muslim beliefs. In "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" one may read that in fact Jesus is Lucifer and with that being so the new testament was just a recreation of the old testament which means the main practice was that of worshipping satan all along, YHVH is just the worship of a god whose name consists of the 4 elements and YHShVH is Jesus's name which is the 4 elements plus the 5th element spirit, Muhhumet is Baphomet in the koran and the holy grail is us we are jesus, 666 is the number of the beast and beast is man, so is there really a spiritual war going on? or is there just a hidden agenda? I have experienced being raised christian moving my way into the occult malevolent spirits with yellow eyes but as i read deep into spiritual satanism the spirits should have red eyes, could this have been a christian malevolent spirit trying to force me away from the occult back in the day as i had read in the book "Joy of Satan"? If you had to choose a side which would you choose? do you think there's an afterlife? because with my experience i do believe there is an afterlife, but do we really have to choose a side or will satan let us know that he was god all along and it's supposed to be some spiritual shocker?

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Besause she said so, duh!

I don't really view spirituality as a duality thing between God and the Devil or Evil versus Good. I see things as more on a spectrum, but not one that is linear. Also, I don't think things are so black and white. I'm not on any side as I don't believe in that type of paradigm. I also don't think there is a spiritual war going on, no hidden agenda, etc. 

I think there is an afterlife, but I'm willing to bet that after I die, I'm not going to think of it as an afterlife. I think that is a word we use, now, for convenience - to differentiate between now and then. But, ultimately, I think it's all part of one journey, one process. 

I believe warfare that has been talked about is, the warfare within us. What do we want to align ourselves with inwardly? Being in alignment with our will, desires, and passions without part of us being resistant to any of it. Coming into a form of equilibrium within yourself to create your own reality.


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