Tonight, March 19th, 2011 the moon will be at its closest point to Earth and full.


Will any of you be doing special rituals to utilize its power tonight? If so what do you have in mind?


I'll be charging some water, blessing a few things and preforming a special ritual for my family.

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I'll be spending most of the night and early morning hours outside by a pond in a small wooded area by my friends' house. I plan to charge some water (and my stones and crystals) as well, and will probably charge some of the water that I have left from the lunar eclipse a few months back. I'm hoping to meditate in the moonlight.. I'm very excited to see what comes of it! I consider myself to be following more of a nocturnal path, so tonight holds definite promise =]

That's awesome Aven. We are lucky enough to live on a lake with a few neighbors, we will definitely be enjoying tonight with or without the visual (thanks Clouds :P) I hope it turns out as fruitful as you hope.
Waning Sun, Waxing Moon
old mask Moon
smiling like a jukebox tune
make my world safe for dreams
safe from politicians' schemes
from atrocious barbs of flaming
from kindergarten cliques of shaming
Frame a sane world to carry happy fantasies
lush and fragrant trees
lust of flowers for bees a'busy buzzing
kickback days for country kissing cousins
homespun lace, grace philosophies,
sainted prophecies of peace and fun
If any light could do it, you're the One
reflecting, as you do, our fiery Sun
in calm consideration
old mask Moon
over days of tribulation
we need a tune to dance away
give a chance for play
to wash and heal our wounds
smiling captivating tune
hums, caresses into sleep
lighting lazy seas of dreams
March 28, 2011
Collecting some saltwater and sand
unfortunately the superpowers used it to start another war! i had a feeling something bad was gonna happen....
A night hike!
LOL I  started this threaed   a day ago also  glad someoneelse  excited aobut it .....


Just enjoying that big moon shining in & doing my solitary ritual.


O, Moon!

Your silvery shadow

Wakens memories--

Waxing, waning archetypes

Silent, yet singing

Of ethereal harmonics.


Disseminating vibrations.

Humanity joins in chorus--

A balsamic echo--


Reflected light.


Your hidden tresses

Stream out behind you,

Seducing every psyche with

Blatant emotion.

Simmering melancholy

Kisses all--


Singing, laughing, loving,

Dancing to the rhythm

Of your pale


Singing, laughing, loving,

Dancing to the rhythm

Of your pale light.



Arrange your altar with all of your tools and other items the way you wish and then bless the altar saying:


I bless You now that You may aid

The energy flow as magick is made

I cast out negative energy

Leaving only the positive to live and breathe

Within you as I start this Rite

Blessed be in joy, love and light.



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