Hullo there.
Just want to get an onground sitrep of the actual situation in this regards in your area, from anybody who can, as am part of a team that needs to gear up for the crisis if it were to reach India.

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swine flu.......a commercial invention meant to distract and prove how effective mis-information can control and manipulate the masses.
Thank you. will take note.
Crisis? I'm sorry, but at this point I feel it's being over-reacted to. Everyone, or at least most everyone, will remember Bird Flu and SARS, and well, what happened to that little 'pandemic'? Gone as far as I can tell, or at least not at all talked about.

This is of course my personal opinion, but I have to agree that this might just be a distraction technique, once people catch on that this isn't some major pandemic like they've been told, it'll sort of fall by the wayside. Sure it'll still be around, but when people realize it isn't as terrible as they were told, they'll move onto something else.

I'm annoyed myself, concerned to a degree. When people get stressed out by a possible 'crisis' all it does is cause their immune systems to not work as effectively, which can then actually help to cause someone to get something that normally they wouldn't.

I've seen all sorts of 'bugs' going around here lately. Stomach bugs mostly, a few 'one nighters' that cause some flu-like symptoms with fever, aching muscles and all that, but it tends to pass in a night. My mom had that last night, today she's back to a normal temperature and just having a bit of congestion.

I understand why people are worried about this new flu strain, it's traveling rapidly, and though the death rates associated to it are slowly climbing, who is to say for sure if it's a direct result of the flu or just a poor health care system in Mexico? Also, as i stated above, immune systems get weaker when a person is under duress, and well, if anyone is easily spooked by thsi sort of thing they'll be stressed and susceptible to catching who knows what.

Good luck with whatever comes around, but I'm not sweating it too much, I just have that inkling that it too will go by the wayside in time.
I cant speak for bird flu but SARS killed A LOT of people it was bad and was going on for quite awhile
Good point, but it's still been sort of forgotten. I guess once this runs it's course it'll be one of those.

It just aggravates me to no end how people are trying to make this sound like thousands of people dying all at once from this rather than a handful. Because really, in the whole comparison of how many people around there are and those who have happened to die supposedly from this, it's only a small tiny handful.

I'll start panicking when people start dropping dead by the handful in lots of different states all at once. THEN I'll panic, but for now, not yet.
I agree with you, possibly this is just another hyped up issue. These days quite a bit is the handiwork of pharmaceuticals trying to cash onto a sentiment as also the media.
well lets hope it stays as such . all one can do is sympathise with those who have succumbed.
The only death in the US that I know of is a Mexican baby (visiting the US. LEGALLY) who died of the illness in a Houston hospital. I am in Texas and am enjoying all the over reactions of the authorities. Closing down schools and sanitizing all the surfaces? Postponing proms? Canceling annual street festivals? I did notice that no professional ball games were canceled.

Swine flu in India? I honestly would not worry about it at all.
There was also a pregnant woman in Texas wh died and wuite a few in Mexico
Silver Tree, I just read on Yahoo news that the baby was from a prominent Mexican family. In fact one of the uncles owns some of the hospitals in Mexico. Because of all of the hype and political stuff being put out there the bay's lineage seemed odd for it to be the one and only death so far in this country. Keeps one wondering sometimes. This flu is not supposed to be called swine flu (not to hurt the pigs) and it is what D1N1. The 24 hour news teams continue to call it swine flu but our local staions and C Span have been referring to it by the other name. Yup a lot of hype and it does seem that the pandemic is with the fear factor and not the flu factor.
Every flu mutates. That's why every year a new flu shot is made to combine all the previous strains and protect from the few new ones out there. That's why there is NO clue for Swine flu as of yet because it's too new to isolate the strain and create a vaccine for it like all the others.

As for why people are dying from it, the only thing I can think of is if their temp hits 105, which is too hot for our body to run, it basically fries our brains and cells like eggs, er sort of..
I'm just north of Houston, and this is a whole bunch of hype! I'm going to get myself a little piggy talisman with a chicken bone attached and wear it so everybody will see just how ridiculous this is! I't more dangerous to cross the street here! Red Eagle
In my area it isn't an issue yet, but the county health dept. is preparing for it by getting masks and antiviral vaccines from the State health dept. They are making sure that the area is ready in case the flu hits here. We are a tourist area plus a state college is located here, so it's entirely possible that the flu could arrive.


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