Hullo there.
Just want to get an onground sitrep of the actual situation in this regards in your area, from anybody who can, as am part of a team that needs to gear up for the crisis if it were to reach India.

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Like you Lady Eva I'm also in a tourist area... The emergency preparedness team has already met and according to them even one case of this (MUST be a confirmed case) will shut down the school it was in for a minimum of 5 to 7 days. I remember my Mom having the Hong Kong flu and if I remember right there was this same type of reaction and panic to it.... People need to know the symptoms so they can seek treatment quickly and not pass this mess around any more than they would have before they knew they were sick...hand washing and all the normal don't wanna get sick so I am doing this stuff applies....
The folks at the highest level of risk for complications from this and ANY OTHER virus are as always, the very young, elderly and anyone whose immune system is already compromised.. Lets just say that when my kids in class start sneezing and coughing they already know that this heart and stroke patient is pulling out the lysol!!! LOL Been doing that ALL year anyway. lol
The trick is don't panic folks... Just use good sense....:)
Take care and STAY WELL (or I'll blast ya with my lysol! lol)

I think most people are freaking out thinking its going to kill them. There are people who are fine but never went to the hospital. Its just a nasty flu that got all mixed up in a pigs body basically. And theyre also freakking out because it killed people in Mexico such as the five year old girl who is being called Patient Zero. Which is basically meaning she was the first case but Mexicos health system is also not as good or advanced however you want to look at it as ours
That I know of it hasn't hit my area (Pa) yet.
Blessings, we have some cases in New Jersey, but i really think people are over reacting to this., i think last i heard, 140 in the United States have it., more people have chicken pox right now, then the "swine flu".
this morning on the news there have been 10 cases here where i am in delaware and they are closing a school tomorrow because of it.
We have 4 cases here in Florida. I think thanks to the media it has been blown way out of proportion, but it is always good to be aware. The big and important thing is wash the hands often.

I am sure this will get better and personally I do not worry too much about it.

Blessings :)
We have at least 2 cases here, 2 twin boys who are recovering well. Their family doesn't have any symptoms. They are testing a few others as well. It's like 40-60 miles from me, but I'm still nervous every time one of my kids coughs especially my youngest. He has severe asthma and tends to pick up everything. My daughter was nauseous last night and I nearly died.
Yes, I being a practicing doc can vouch for what Laura has said, these MNC's are really trying to make a killing out of innocent and misinformed people. However, its sad to note that since my starting this discussionway back in May 08, Swine Flu has become quite endemic in India with an almost daily toll on life and health. Hopefully the vaccine and inherent immunity will set into place in a few months. However, there really is no reason to panic.
i had asked my pediatrician about this when son went for physical 2 weeks ago and he said basically the smae thing.. they are not expecting heavy cases of it, but anyone who is running a temp is automatically placed with a mask in medical facilities such as hospitals and clins here in NY especially if one is coming from travel.

they are not really pushing us lab people at quest to get the shot as far as i know, no more than the regular flu shot.


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