If u use tarot cards, which deck do u like??? I just got a deck called Motherpeace Round tarot n I love them!!! Just curious what deck
others like :)
Have a blessed day :)

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I use the Gilded Tarot as my main deck and the Olympus Tarot as my secondary. I love the Gilded Tarot, I hate using any other (always feels like i'm cheating on it to use another, lol). Glad you have found a deck you have been drawn to, love and works for you!
love that Gilded Tarot. My mom bought it for me when Border's was going down, and it's been working great. One of the most beautifully illustrated decks of all time.
I too have the Gilded Tarot (more popular than I thought lol). I love this tarot...I love the imagery on it. Beautiful deck.


 I often use the Waite deck, but I have also started using the new Watcher Angel deck. That deck actually translated really well compared to other decks I have used in the past.

I like my first best, Waite-Albano.  I also like the Olympus and Thoth decks.  The Visconti is interesting too.  I have seen the Motherpeace though not a deck I own.


Blessings and happy shuffling

I like the Shapeshifter Tarot deck myself.  They have worked well for me the limited amount I have been able to use them so far.  I also like the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  I have used them for years and really like the readings I get.  I got to meet David a number of years back too.  I have some other decks but these are my two favorites.

I'm using the Sasha Fenton deck.  It's the only deck I've ever owned and I find that I have an eerily good success rate with them.



My goodness, let's see.  I have the following decks:


Ancient Italian tarot

Silver Bohemian Gothic Tarot

Archeon Tarot

Etruscan Tarot

Lunatic Tarot

Artist's Inner Vision Tarot

Morgan-Greer Tarot

Golden Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot

Crystal Tarot

Modern Medieval Tarot

Tarot of Atlantis

Universal Fantasy Tarot

Manara Erotic Tarot


I also have two oracle decks

Fairy Oracle

Graven Images Oracle (you can go here and get a free online reading - http://www.gravenimagesoracle.com/)


I don't read tarot for myself.  I have my cards read once or twice a year at various Faires.  I use the Oracle decks for myself if I feel the need.  I use the tarot decks just for meditation and spellwork but occasionally, the cards speak to me.  I'm not looking to them for answer, but the universe, apparently exasperated, gives it to me anyway.


I want to get the Mary-El Tarot when it gets released http://www.mary-el.com/

And maybe the Alice (in Wonderland) Tarot  http://www.alicetarot.com/

The Gothic Tarot and The Sacred Circle Tarot.

I have several deck, one normal to play with, but for divination purpose my favorite remain my first tarot de marseille. 
I also have the eittela's one wich is, in find, more complex to read, despite the fact that the meaning, as defined by eittela are directly wroten on the cards.

Lastly, one of my favorite is the wirth tarot, i discovered this one by reading "le serpent de la genese"  by guaita, where each chapter is illustrated with a major arcana, i really like this one.




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