I need advice on what an appropriate age is to teach and/or explain what my path is to my children. What kinds of things can I do? My son is going to be four in November, and my daughter is going to be born in February. I have mostly hidden it from my son. I don't know how to handle this. Any opinions and advice is welcome. Blessed be.

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Why are you hiding you path from your son. You doing something your ashamed of or something?

But about sharing your path with your kids, you do what you do and they ask questions and you answer them, simple.

It's like anything else in life. They learn from watching you live.

I don't think you should hide it from your child, but also don't throw them into the deep end. If you have an aspect of nature reverence, take them outside. Maybe learn the stars of the night sky together when it is warmer...

Start by showing them an appreciation of Nature.

Mum and dad just brought us up that way. Why can't you? It was nothing special to us...when we were older they had us move from class to class for religion so we had an idea of all types in case we wanted to follow one.
Our family has great conversations and are open minded. Totally recommend it !
My son turned 2 the end of September, and our second is due in April. Husband and I sat down and had the religion talk at the beginning of the month,and we are planning on starting to teach/include our son in our spiritual practices. I was surrounded by religion from the moment I was born, so why not my kid? I think that since many of us weren't raised by pagans, we don't have our childhood references to fall back on for how to bring our kids up in a pagan path.

So for Samhain, we will be spending the day in a kid-friendly (not kid-centric) way, then after bed, I will be doing my full ritual.

theres a wonderfull book made specialy for children its called circle round and it puts everything from rituals to history in ways children can grasp im using this to teach my daughter it helps soo much hope this helped

Circle round is exellent curriculum. We used it in Tucson for Moon School for the children. I taught for a year or so. It provides ideas for teaching that are fun and creative and age appropriate. I reccomend it. It also can help an adult have a good reference for making things simple for a child. Dont fear! Kids will ask and are naturally attuned to things!

 "legal to bring your child into activities of various paths." 

Name some laws where it is illegal for a child to participate in religious or spiritual rituals.

If rituals are skyclad, there could be problems with child protective services. Just sayin.

Not in the state of Missouri. Believe me have had child protective services called just about every year around summer solstice by our "good" neighbors. Last year the lady just called and asked what holiday was it for us and filled out the report as no issue's found.

Children running around naked, with adult during a religious or spiritual ritual is not illegal. They may talk to the children to verify that it was indeed a religious or spiritual ritual and if they were forced to go naked. But it's not illegal if it's not in public view, as in on your private property. If your in town, a privacy fence is considered private. But we are out in the woods on our place. So that has never been a problem for us.

Ever been to a nudist resort? There are naked kids all over the place. Nudist have already beat these legal challenges. Now, perform the Great Rite in the traditional way in front of children & you may run into some trouble.

Well age appropriate comes to mind there Barry...lol.


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