I don't exactly "worship" any deities, but rather see them as friends and guides and sometimes warnings of what to come. There is many resources I could find about just about any Norse deity in terms of worshipping them and what they do and do not like.

But one in particular I have a hard time finding out much besides what she rules over is Hel. I have this enormous pull towards her but I don't exactly know really how to connect with her. I never once truly saw Hel as this evil figure some people may swear over, rather a kind and helping woman not really driven by taking over the universe and hatred.

So, what I'm asking is does anyone know or have heard of any rituals for her as well as what kinds of things I should avoid doing in order to invoke her and to build on this pull that I have with her. I would love to have an great relationship with Hel, I'm just new to my path and magics.

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Hello , Phoenix :

So what I am about to tell you is not that well known ,

and might require a reversal of thought frame...

First you must realize Hel's realm is ultimately cold ,

and burning , but that comes from the feeling of ice

on the skin...

Two...her main function is restriction...think of that

on all levels from personal to universal / cosmic...

That also then has implications of "slavery" , or bondage...

Further , you should grasp all the levels of the Black Sun ,

and Saturn , both dealing with Hel's domain...

Once you have done a number of years of research along

these lines , you shall find yourself ready to write your own

rituals , not rely on someone else's...

You shall also have tuned yourself to her frequency , so to say...;)

Best to you !

Skål !

Hi there, sorry it took so long to send a reply on this forum. There was a lot of information to sift through. When you say "grasp all the levels of the black sun" what is it that you are referring to, exactly? I've tried looking up anything related to the Black Sun symbol, but ultimately found nothing other than it's a symbol. I agree i should not rely on another persons rituals, just simple examples for beginners to get the right idea. to Altar or not, (i know it's controversial and dangerous but use of real blood or not) can't see a deity wanting food dye. 

I know certain deities prefer a person to live to a certain principles, are there certain things i should avoid doing to avoid angering her? Sorry to ask so many questions. Like i said, i have this overwhelming attraction to her and the internet is not as useful as i'd like it to be. 

A lot of very complex info here , Phoenix , yet there are

links and recommendations of books or links to read :


Also , I believe Freya Aswynn has some info...


Time for a book reference. Books still carry more detail than the Internet.

The Black Sun: The Alchemy and Art of Darkness, by Stanton Marlan.

Marlan approaches the subject form a Jungian depth psychology viewpoint, but that just means its deep with mythology and metaphor that you've probably never heard of before. I don't think he mentions Hel, but he does discuss Hades and Kali who carry much of the same imagery in other traditions. And, he spends a good deal of time on the image of The Black Sun and also its relation to Alchemy.

I don't know any specific rituals and, from what I understand, she's generally avoided, but I have a couple ideas on the subject.

Firstly, she's not particularly a reaper type character, instead she's more of a warden for the inglorious dead. Maybe acting as a hostess in some regard could play into ceremony. 

There are also a few mentions of Hel in the Poetic and Prose Eddas. Taking an excerpt from these might be useful. 

Hel is a daughter of Loki and sister to Fenrir. She's part Jotun and technically as much monster as goddess. For this reason I see some connection with the Thurisaz rune (correct me if I'm wrong on this). Thurisaz is representative of many things, from Thor to monsters and gates as well. I honestly am not sure whether this rune should be invoked or avoided, I'll leave that to your research. 

All the standard offerings apply to her, so bread, drink, herbs, etc. She is also, not surprisingly, connected with bones. So, there are a few ideas for alter accompaniments. 

I think the most general Asatru right that I know is the Blot. Blots commonly involve honoring the dead and communing with the gods. I speculate that Hel would be pleased with receiving honors typically given to those that shun her. 

Those are my thoughts on the matter. I hope this was somewhat helpful. Blessings. 

Okay , my friend , Noah...;)

Since you brought up somethings , and good post overall...

Our Double Mother / Goddess Column , with Boundaries :

Thus two of the right hand columns , with "Is / Isa" runes surrounding the 16 runes...

Has a value of 1318...yet most do not realize the significance of that number...

A circle with a circumference of 1000 "anything" ( miles , feet , inches , etc... )

has a diameter of 318...

Thus by compressing the circle in a certain way , one attains the shape of a Yonic Gate :

Which , of course brings in many layers of understanding , not just in life and death ,

yet as well , what is called Sacred Geometry...


This formula comes from our Ancient Tradition...

Hel's Underground Bone Door = 1318

One might benefit to note :

Goddess Hel = 111

Ice Age = 111

And the sum of those sixteen "Is / Isa" runes , is 112...

Now as Fenris is my ally , and Loki claimed me long ago...


( A lot of great threads from long ago , on this site , Phoenix )

Now from the 29 runes of women , not the 24 of men , the

rune now known as Thurisaz , is known as Dhoarnn , ( thus Horn )

and has many positive meanings , not those over laid later , by the

Aesir and realm of men...

For instance , two of the left hand Father / God columns , shown above ,

add to 782...two of the Mother / Goddess columns on right , add to 1206 ;

Odin = 781 ( High Value )

Freya Holds Twenty Nine Runes Key = 1207

Many myths from one code from around the world...

So , to close for now ;

I would heartily endorse embracing D'hoarnn , yet realizing

it can mean irritation , and most would consider that bad...

As it means thorn , thus thistle we know what that is like...

Yet it takes an irritation in the oyster , such as a grain of sand , to produce a pearl...;)

Two , I would recommend building a bone gate in the shape of a vesica piscis , as

an entry gate for Hel , on your altar...just be ready for what comes through...

Also...do look into the Cult Of The Dead...in the North , Raven was the great recycler...

The last ice age was only yesterday to some of us...;)

I actually thought about mentioning the Cult of the Dead in this post, but I don't feel quite confident with the connection there. I generally see Hel as a stand alone character in her representation of afterlife management, maybe closest to Hades or Anubis than anyone else, but that's my opinion.

I'm not saying there aren't connections, but It's similar to how I've seen some people connect Hel and Morigan, but I don't quite agree with that view. 

PS: Oh, I also ordered some of the books you recommended, so I do listen to you. :p

In her dimension , or as Brian Greene might say , bubble universe ,

Hel stands alone in her place ruling over the Underworld , and Realm

of Ancestors...

Yet all things are connected , and the Cult Of The Dead existed in the

Norse Tradition of the ship of the dead being constructed from hair and nails...

As well as the scavengers , the ravens , on the field of battle...

The Valkyries in secret tradition , were said to come down as Ravens ,

fly up as Angels ( Swans ) thus the Led Zeppelin logo label "Swansong"...

Our Father column , by order of symbols , says :

K - R - A - H , reversed H - A - R - K...

One going down from top , one coming up from bottom...

I myself did not mention :

I Am Vulture + Vulture Over Repository Gate : Cult Of Dead = 2636

Another of our runic columns totals in our Gematria...thus Khemetic ,

including Anubis...and some time ask me about Anubis , the 26 dimensions

thirteen ascending , thirteen descending , and how initiates encoded this

into our alphabet of 26 letters ( gates ) , as UV JKL EFG...

Always remember who controls language and the media , controls reality...

Now back to Hel...

Hel : Goddess Of Norse's Cult Of Dead Tree = 1496

And our Ancient Tree , from the twenty nine rune system of Freya ,

if we are speaking Norse mythology , has a low gematria value of 1495 :

And :

Ash  Tree : Heathen Tree Connecting Nine Worlds = 1495

 and I am honored by your respect for the information I offer...

( Twenty three years ,  apprx 100,000 hours total , is a long time to spend on this )

Hmm, swansong was probably the connection that I was most connecting to.

She was/is a very powerful goddess, but she rules the dead, rather than makes/takes them.

I suppose that was my major point. Are the dead tree and the Ash related btw? In this context. Also, I would love to talk Anubis sometime. 

Ash Tree was often known as the tree of the dead ;

 and the bottom two levels of the Tree I posted , are

the Underworld and Realm of the Ancestors...

"Symbolically, an ash tree can be interpreted as the backbone

of the universe that is yoked with death and rebirth."

( from one of many sites that say this )

By the way , we have a rune pronounced Assk , that can also

be pronounced , or mean Ash...look up Ask ( first man , according to Norse )

Now , our single Mother and Father column , shown , with an "Is / Isa"

rune over each column , equals 1008 :

And , "just so happens" ( because our code created the myth ) :

Hel Rules The Living Norse Dead = 1007

And that is a story in itself...the Living Dead

Well, anytime you want to expound on the living dead, you know I'm happy to read. 

Well somebody did not want that info out...lol

I spent an hour on a post on Hel , Hel - Runa ,

Hel's Army Of The Living Dead , the Dark Faery ,

the Qlippoth...

Went to copy , like I do now before clicking submit...

Blink...Gone !

No sign of it...lol...I'll try again tomorrow...


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