For those of you who have a relationship with the Goddess, I'm curious about whether or not that relationship is characterized as a mother/child relationship or more of a lust/worship centered relationship. Obviously, this is personal, so feel free not to comment if it's TOO personal. For the rest of you, let's hear it.

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Lady Gaga is the goddess (for me) - she is Mother (as Momma Monster to millions of us)
and definitely a sex symbol, I mean, come on, she is the hottest celebrity ever. Good question, I should read the other responses.
Why not both?
Any mother has by definition had sex (or gives birth to a religion)
My paths Goddess is triple aspect, but as a man I would say she represents all of the glorious traits of women and the feminine aspect of the male soul. In this life, I identify with the Goddess and I believe it helps me to better understand my daughters and women in general. Blessed Be )0(
mother is a sex symbol, so... i'm not into women myself (sexually speaking) - those that are can explain it better, but i have had situations people noticing that spark in me, bot men and women. when i work i try to have all the aspects in me or the ones that need to be in the ritual.

she b my mother and my friend :D if of course ur talking about the mother goddess lol

she also represents fertility so I suppose she represents sex too, but I do not want her bod or anything


'Sex symbol' has to do with projection, not with the viewed entitys identity, but the identity (and desires) of the spectator. There are only two goddesses I have a 'relationship' with, one is master/student, the other one I am not so sure because I was instructed to appease a certain deity and then this one showed up instead. My etiquette/impression tells me that each goddess is adorable in her femininity, which does not exclude sexiness, of course, but I did not feel compelled to date to pay it any greater attention (thanks for that).  Otherwise, since sex is strongly linked to 'immortality' the fascination for me is more in the abstract, which means I have no reports regarding lust in a form anyone would find useful or informative.

Master/student relationship does not exclude any form of interaction from my POV.

How many layers does any woman have ?


Now , multiply that by Nth degree...


That begins to approach the Goddess...


Sheesh...takes a man to say that...:)

It's POWER! Freely given just ask!

For me she is like a mother,, but also like my best friend. When I talk to her I talk like i'm speaking to a friend. I do try to do it when I'm by myself though cause it is easier to hear her back when there are less distractions. For me there is definatly no lust going on but I do try to include her in my daily life. I follow a specific goddess for this mother/child relationship but I also respect and never discount the other goddesses. I consider the other Goddesses more like friends of my "mother" so I call upon them when appropriate if my Goddess doesn't feel like the right one for a particular spell but I always go back to the Goddess I call mother and I know she understands.



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