Yesterday I spent a good chunk of my morning at the Pediatrician's office having my 16 year old evaluated for strep throat (which she has) and because she hasn't been there in more than a year I was given a new questionaire/Medical History form to fill out.  No problem, done them many times but this form had a question that I have never seen on a medical form in my 50-plus years.  It was simply asked:  "Do you own a gun?" My answer was yes and in the remarks part of the question, I put: "And I can shoot it quite well."


The doctor looked at the questionaire but never made comment on the gun issue.  I didn't ask him about it but in my mind I rationalized the reason for such a question...All I came up with is that mayhaps they want to insure that it was in a lock box or had a locking mechanism on it, which most responsible gun owners do.


I'd like some imput on whether this question is appropriate on any medical form (barring psych-evals)?  It you think so then what reasoning do you have to justify the question?



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Personally, if it were me, I would have flat out asked the nurse/secretary, "what does this have to do with anything??" To me, it's not appropriate (particularly at a paediatrician's office), but then I live in Canada and we don't have the amendment that states we have the right to bear arms (or is it right to arm bears?), nor do we fill out questionnaires when we go to the doctor.

LoL...aye my grams was born and raised in Canada, along with her siblings.  It's the right to bear arms ....but with stipulations (everything has a "but clause" or is that "butt clause" history questionaires are quite common, hopefully new changes in how physicians keep track of their patients will make the information accessable by the doc's on-line...part of the "paperless trails" effort.  To be honest, I filled the questionaire out quite a bit before seeing the Doc and forgot, in my senility, to ask him about it. 
This does seem a bit out-of-the-ordinary.  However, with the recent rash of injuries and deaths to children as a result of improperly secured firearms in people's homes, it could be viewed as a valid question for the status of a childs health.  It is a bit of a stretch, and does border somewhat on an invasion of privacy.  My mind, however, can make a rational excuse for it.
Seems we were thinking alike...It's a good pediatric office that we've gone to for quite some time, after our last pedi doc was arrested for his fourth DUI..ugh.  We are limited in our choices of pedi docs.  I was giving them the benefit of the doubt with the "secure your weapon from your children" idea... but still it's an odd question to ask on such a form.
I would have listed shit I didn't even have like a bazooka! 50 cal.  See the thing about that is imo, that medical staff are mandated reporters.  Not every state requires the registration of every weapon.  When obama decides to declare martial law the military won't be able to collect all of the guns.  If the doctors know who might have a gun that right now doesn't have to be registered now they can turn that info over the to gestapo when he inacts new laws.  It is just less impeding when your doc asks you and under heppa docs have to help law enforcement.

In the final year of Bush's presidency, I knew a number of people who were convinced that he was going to declare martial law in order to stay in never happened, and suddenly they were very quiet about their theories and didn't want to talk about them.


Watching the conspiracy nuts try to explain why there never was a declaration of martial law, or why America didn't become a socialist dictatorship, or why there never was a declaration of sharia law, etc, when Obama leaves office is going to be amusing.


Of course you will probably explain it away by the valiant actions of the political opposition.


In which case I have an excellent rock to sell you, it keeps tigers away...what don't believe me? Well look around, see any tigers? EXACTLY! It works!

I am cranky about any president.  I don't trust any of them right now.  Suspect the worst of any politian.


"You say paranoid.

I say situational awareness."


(offers tinfoil hat )

People imagine dramatic examples of totalitarian take overs, nothing could be further from the truth.


Why would they do that? Why declare martial law, tear up constitutions and march troops down the streets, could you think of anything MORE likely to start a civilian uprising?


No, the method used now is far more insidious, subtle but definite control over the political system at every level by various corporate interests, including media empires, the same that advertise the political campaigns and determine what kind of slanted news you receive.


They keep the population fighting against each other in pointless political battles, convinced that if only they could get their side in, then everything would be all right....of course when it doesn't turn out that way its always the other side's fault, etc. All this is engineered to give the public the illusion of choice and control.

Its already a tightly controlled dictatorship, the presidents come and go, but the people controlling them always stay the same.

Like I said, I don't trust any of them.


And totalitarian take overs aren't imaginary.  Hitler. Saddam.  Politicians are sneaky. And the people that bank roll them are even sneakier.


I am not fighting anyone.  I am watching.

LMAO ... I should have listed a bazooka but I was just stunned at the question.  My LEO experience tells me that Federal Law mandates that the sale of firearms (for the most part) must be registered with ATF, so chances are that if you bought a new firearm or one that another purchased in the USA by someone offering for sale...the gun is most likely already registered with ATF.  There are a ton of weapons out there and if someone wants one bad enough, then they'll surely find one.  The question that entered my brain is "Do they really think that someone who shouldn't own or possess a gun, will admit to it?"  I hardly think so.  Serial numbers hard to remove and can easily be raised using acid and other techniques and gun manufacturers are quite creative with the placement of their serial numbers.  You ken of course that all ammo produced after last year (or sometime in the past two years) is all traceable as each bullet/round must have a serial number on it....Lot's of folks bought extra ammo before that law went into effect? 

Here in Nevada private sale is legal.  Not every firearm has to be registered. 

Have you read the questions lately on the atf form?  They are hysterical. 

We press 90% of our own ammo.

That's very cost effective.  My ammo is probably a danger to have at this point...leftover from my days of work...I've no seen a current ATF form but I can well imagine it to be quite humourus.


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