Suit of wands: Most books say that the Wands are associated with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius is symbolic of passion, desires, creativity, energy, career and ideas. Are musculine and associated with the south and the color yellow and the season of spring. As you explore each suit in Tarot it quickly becomes clear that they represent so much more than the simple explanation given in the books. So I would love for you to share your personal insights with us on what the Suit of Wands has revealed to you about their personalities and symbolism.  

What element do you associate with it?

What primal energy do you associate with it?

What negative aspects do you associate with it, i.e...?Negative aspects of the Suit of Wands (i.e. when the Wands cards appear reversed)

What timing do you associate with it as in season or day or month?

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To begin with I firmly believe (or rather learned from experience when doing readings) that more important than any generic “by the book” meaning of a card is what a card – or a suit in this case – means to you personally. Also important is the context of a card spread and the general feel. The Moon for example appeared for me in readings sometimes with the cards “official” malevolent meaning of illusion and deceit. It also appeared in a very positive meaning as a symbol of the Moon Goddesses´ wisdom and influence. So in a way everything about every card is in flux.

Having that said, anything I write here about the suit of wands is both relative and subjective.

I think the association with the masculine comes mostly from the tradition to associate action and ehm… well … penetrating rods … with male energies. The same train of thought identifies all receiving energies as feminine and that isn´t entirely wrong because on the most basic level that is how we make babies. It is just not that simple and clear-cut because women can of course manifest all kinds of active energies as well.

The Germanic tribes depicted the sun which is pretty much the greatest source of fire around as female because the linked nurturing and live-giving qualities to the warmth. The goddess Hecate was associated with torches down to the fact that her followers were referred to as torch-bearers. As far as elements go fire may be the obvious choice as a wand makes an awfully good torch. On the other hand those of us who practice active magic use magic wands to focus their will, so they can as well belong to the element of air as in thought. At least in the Ride Waite imagery the wands all sprout green leafs so I link them to the element of earth as well because inspiration is more often than not the first step to materializing something even before a coherent thought or plan is formed. A successful business that would traditionally belong into the realm of pentacles can very well start with an Ace of Wands. On a similar note rich brown and green and all earth tones seem to be well in sync with the wands.

The negative aspects of the suit of wands come from the abuse of energy and the overdose of passion. That is the whack over the head, the club used by a mugger or footpad, the over-ambition that hurts others and the raging wildfire that causes more damage than good. But then again everything is a poison if you use the wrong dose. Again from experience I learned that a card does not necessarily have to be reversed to take on a negative meaning if the whole undertone of a spread leans towards the negative. Vie versa, a reversal is not always negative. It can simply man that the energy in question is inhibited or delayed. Again, this seems to apply to all cards however.

I sometimes see reversals as the opposing of as in say the five of cups which would basically mean sorrow but reversed it could mean what started as sorrow has now either ran it's course or ended. Not so much as joy, but better than deep sorrow. 

I associate fire with Wands, although there are those who associate them with Air. T  hey have to do with career, passion, athletics, and activities of all kinds.  The negative trait I associate most with Wands is impatience.

The season I associate with Wands is summer.

I guess I should share my opinion of the suit of Wands so here it is.

Suit of Wands is representative of the element of Fire. Fire of creativity, of passion, of inspiration and sometimes strength and determination. Without the spark of inspiration, creativity, passion will not follow and an idea will never be completed into reality.

Wands are the most individual suit in the entire Tarot. Creativity comes from within. No matter where the inspiration outside of yourself came from, it had to be filtered through you or it is not your endeavor. Wands speak to the person you are. It is the inspiration to speak well, idea’s to gain material wealth or how to win a heart.

Wands are reality where solutions seem to come out of nowhere and fit into our lives. It is the inspiration of creativity, the place where you find solutions out of the million possibilities stored in our unconscious. When a wand or many wands show up in a reading for me its means there is a solution to the problem and the cards will guide you through it, starting with the spark of creativity or an idea.

I see Wands in the time of spring and summer where new things are born and feminine as in the beginning, the birth of an answer to your question.  

Hey, that answer was much more complete than mine.  I forgot about creativity, which is very important to me.

Thank you Teg. It's nice to see you by the way.

Why do you see them this way?
I hope to get to individual cards as time passes so maybe that will help you.


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