Ever REALLY and I mean really thought about this term? Reading through quite a few comments,as I've not be online too much the last few days,I keep seeing ignorant uesd in many ways.What does ignorant mean to you? For me,simply it is no knowing something,.Calling someone willfully ignorant seems telling someone they are too inane to learn or choose not to learn. I have used ignorant before. Many of us do,so how do you view it? I dont see it as a bad word. I know there are certain areas I am very knowledgible,other areas I am not.

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what do i think is ignorance.. ?when people make blanket or predjudiced statements about either a person or a subject with out taking the time to properly modify their thinking or taking the time to find out about the subject if they have no knowledge. I also have no patience for people who are intentionally rude insulting and demeaning because they havent thought before opening up their mouths.

I believe that all human beings have some level of intelligence and tact.. jut some people choose not to exercise those qualities.

what a shame. it keeps me from wanting to get to know those people better.
Excellent point,DAR!!
Lack of knowledge or understanding.
Ignorant is not knowing something, however it can also be knowing something and doing the opposite anyway. Ignorant can also be how you treat someone, in an ignorant manner.

Ignorance breeds ignorance.
I think it has negative connotations, but that's possiblt because I used to hang around with someone who used it as an insult to mean stupid. However I agree with you, when used properly it just means a lack of knowledge, not an insult.
I think you have a good point..There is no law that says you have to be an expert but with the plethora of legitimate sources at your fingertips these days being completely and willfully ignorant is well insert for favorite inappropriate adjective here
choices,simple.......some things I choose NOT to know about,othyers i do. i dont get offended by being called ignorant in certain areas if I am and dont know the information
I would not call someone who has a lack of knowledge ignorant..... Just uninformed. I would say those who have a lack of knowledge and no desire to learn what they do not know ignorant.
??? look up............
SHE was agreeing with you.........
Ignorant- One doesn't know about the subject.

Willful Ignorance- When one doesn't know something, even though the google bar could remedy the situation.


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