Ok lol, I confess!:)

 I got a little angry at it the way they represented one of my Gods because if I remember, Thor was never a bad God to begin with and he never got cast out of Asgard in the Poetic Edda(Still doing research on this...don't bite my head off please...)

 He did in the comic book and Loki and Thor has to fight for their Father Odin's approval and such lol...I think he does protect mankind in the comic too from Loki,not sure...

I got a little offended because Thor is a great God to worship.Hes a people's God and protector. He brings Strength, mentally and physically through many of your life's ups and downs. He is called upon to Hallow the corners before a ritual and Thor's Hammer is worn on everyone for protection and to symbolize their faith in the Old Norse Gods:)


 I just never wanted people to get the wrong idea about The Gods from this movie,I think it will create a lot of controversary for a while with the media and their will be exposure to the Norse Faith and all...


What are peoples thoughts on this???


Here is some more on Thor:



"May Thor Protect your Feet on Your Life's Path!"


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The movie is based on the comic books and not the religion as far as I've heard.  So throwing in the outer space stuff is the comic book.


Plus all I've read is that racist Asatru - types are protesting the movie because of the diversity in casting the actors which of course never bodes well for people looking into the religious aspect.  But this might cause them to, regardless, so perhaps it's not all bad.  People might have their interest piqued enough to look into the religious side since they've probably never heard of the religion before.


Funny thing, because of the recent Thor movie release, the SyFy cable channel, as usual, threw together their usual B movie copy-cat theme made for cable movies and one of them was actually pretty good.


The plot was about a group of Vikings looking for a new land to conquer and following a vision of one of the women (they're never anyone's wives, just consorts it seems) they land on an island full of shape-shifters - key the Loki connection.  One of the characters starts having deja vu and visions of a great warrior wielding a hammer, there's betrayal between brothers, women wielding swords and bad special effects yet pretty decent acting (usually the actors in these movies are sooooooo unwatchably bad but not these).  Their attitude was right - they had no problem with conquering, with a strong preference for family loyalty and dying in battle - and their dialogue was peppered with their god references "Sons of giants!" when one guy is startled, type of things.  You actually cared about the characters so it was enjoyable and the characters were unapologetic about their goals, so that made it more realistic.


You rarely find any modern interpretation on TV or in the movies of ancient cultures that aren't heavily steeped in modern morality and very judgemental against ancient cultures and religions.  The most positive I can think of that was done in the last few years was HBO's series "Rome".  They tried to do a series based on their ancient morality and not ours.  They were successful, people instantly loved certain characters even though they were slave-holders, casual killers and rapists.

Aurela, please do not assume you know about Asatru.  You have distorted facts.  In truth this belief was more balanced, feminine & masculine.  Today, thanks to Hitler distorting it as well as white supremacist groups the facts are untruths.  Centuries ago this belief system was Pagan and what I study and believe about it are the true essence of it.  But like all patriarchal BS, damning women, and taking away power-it seems Asatru was also sucked into this black hole.  Please read more about what you may not understand.


I don't pretend to understand Asatru, please point out specifics about what I said about a movie of ancient Vikings - who were not Asatru as far as I know - and the modern day religion.

>types are protesting the movie because of the diversity in casting the actors

Yeah Tadanobu Asano is in it. ♥
Thor is not really based off your god. Its based on an avenger...who is also a thunder god named thor. Don't get mad just watch the pretty people do a hopefully good (?) Comic book movie :)
yeah the actor that played thor is hot, i noticed that in the trailer.
I totally agree with you on that Lilitu, Chris Helmsworth is beautiful...
I'd love to see how they did Asgard and Bifrost Bridge Rob!:) <3

 I'm still seeing the movie. Its not going to stop me...:D


As well it shouldn't. I mean come on its got natalie portman who is amazing!



How about we make a movie about muhammad and see if its ok.

How about we make a movie about muhammad and see if its ok.


They already have.  And as I recall many Muslims liked it.

what happend to them not liking him to be depicted?   because i recall they flipped out over the newspaper cartoons.


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