Someone replied to my blood moon discussion the othee day saying I like how you brought the Future into the past to change the present. This made me recall an incident that happened when I was in middle school that I never completely understood.

I kept meaning to post a discussion about it but kept forgetting to do it.

Here is what happened, I was born with Epilepsy, I was taking Depakene when this happened. I had a book report to write which I was composing on my commodore 64 word processing program, My C64 was hooked up to this small bix lke tv with the built in depressions on top to carry it, so it was a small tv.

anyway I had the sceeen 1/3 filled with typing Mom told me you are not going to bed till that report is done. I had a quick seizure twitch of my head lasting no longer than a milisecond and my screen was suddenly 3/4 filled with legible writing as if in that instant I suddenly.moved so fast that the Flash and Superman combined would have been unable to follow my movements.

I thought it strange at the time, it was not till long after that I wondered if somehow my spirit time jumped from where it was before the seizure twitch to the point where it was a millisecond later.

could it be I instintively time jumped without knowing I had that power,could my Epilepsy have been mis diagnosed? could it have been some kind of Magickal abiity trying to manifest when I was extremely young that Doctors diagnosed as Epilepsy and being on Medication for it for 20 odd years blocked my ability to tap into it?

these aare the thibgs I always winder when I think about it.

A thought just came to me could such a thing happen again? after all My Seizures only occurred back then when I was extremely sleepy and my meds qere making me that way so when I figured it out I stopped taking then.

Could Meditation Eventually cause a similar occurrence and could I take control of it if it did?

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Time is a variable that can be eliminated from an equation if other parameters are adjusted accordingly. This means that time can become inconsequential from the point that it no longer is part of the dynamics involved with perception and circumstance.

It is a very complex equation and when we start considering the n-dimension, substitute n for any number you are rationalizing, it becomes even more complex. Time can become unstable when it diverges from a single point within the life of an observer.

When time diverges from a single point it becomes expanding, or contracting, in an unforced manner until some external force focuses the swing into a desired pattern. The energy to cause time to shift from the observers point can be generated with electromagnetic force of the proper frequency and power.

Since energy is continuously lost due to damping, time eventually comes back to rest in the state of equilibrium. Time’s state of equilibrium is a closed circular orbit for persons living within the atmosphere of Earth.

It can be difficult to recognize the singular point of time on Earth because of the infinite-dimensional environment caused by the flowing of liquids, gases, and solids. This infinite-dimensional aspect of our environment allows for time to shift when excited by the proper catalyst. This shift can become chaotic when the amplitude of the driving force time is doubled.

Geometrical and topological aspects play an important role. Shapes and deformations (stretching, crumbling, bending, but not tearing or gluing) of the trajectory time-shift can become unstable causing a return to zero passage.

What does this all mean? Time can be altered temporarily for an observer. It is a dynamic variable which influences a larger dynamic system. Most people never experience a time shift.

you basically used scientific terminology to regurgitate the same opinion over again more than once. zero point for example also refers to the beginning.

You might have used less space to say that time as a dimenson does not exist except when it is observed, and when observed it is perceived in a lineat loop of past present future when in actuality each point along the continuum exists simultaneously we only perceive it as linear because our perceptions are limited to what our brains can accept. therefore to keep our brains from overloading for lack of a better term our perception of reality becomes what we accept as reality and true reality and the true simultaneousness of the temporal continuum can only be perceived by our subconscious or sleeping mind.

If not a time jump what would you call what happened? between one second and the next the screen was filled with legible typing that was all about the book I was writing the report about.

I am not even close to the speed of the flash or superman but this would have beat both at once.
blink your eye thats how fast it was maybe slightly quicker.
Once time leaves its state of equilibrium, the circle, it travels in a spiral, spiraling in and spiraling out. Moving in on the spiral brings you back in time, moving out on the spiral brings you ahead in time. The spiral will collapse back to a state of equilibrium due to the damping of the energy that caused the spiral.

You could also end up with congruent/harmonic spirals, two or more spirals on different planes/dimensions.

"that time as a dimenson does not exist except when it is observed,"

That's right. What ever time is, we can re-invent our understanding of it, because it is universally irrlevent except to human perception of it.

True scientific understanding of time is that it is linear. It only "moves" one way.

Time does not move backward, that is a figment of imagination, it cannot be tampered with that way, ie via "time travel" into the past, as it is popularly theorized.

To merely suggest, or wishfully think, that time travel into the past is an "uncertainty", is naive. Fact is, that is not possible by any stretch. I could tell you that it is possible to live to be 500 years old, for whatever that's worth.

We essentially are traveling through time into the future simply because of our own calculations of it as it becomes necessary to calculate, which is obvious.

There is nothing you or anyone else could have done to manipulate time to your advantage. "Time jumping" could only occur if you lose conscious perception of where you are in the moment.

It's not that it takes a disability to become aware of such things. To your credit, there are people who have no disability, yet they have gross misunderstandings of reality, just out of habit.

As far as excess medication blocking your perceptions of reality, I would not argue that.

Whether meditation could fix all that, (power of mind over matter) it might help, but not much.

There is no level or type magic that can overcome or reverse medical issues. It would only be limited in that sense, just as it would be limited in any three dimensional reality.

I know some doctors have a bad rap, and maybe some of them derserve it. But to think they are all like that, the human race probably would have perished by at least 80 percent. So, our long term survival depends on them.

I would not advise it at all; most likely it really is just epilepsy. Even if there is anything odd happening, its not worth damaging yourself and going against your Doctor's orders out of no more than curiosity.

Crafts are marvelous, but as with most things in life, it should be safety first.

Sounds like epilepsy. Please don't stop trying to take meds or use magick to substitute meds.

time is interesting. different people experience it differently everyday, for some it is slow and for others it is faster. take for example, Light A and Light B. Light A oscillates at 1,000 times per second. Light B oscillates at 1,000 times per nano-second. both are synchronized. some people can move their hand between falling drops of water without getting wet, others get wet. and when i said to those trying to understand such things that this exists all together simultaneously, they acted like they wanted to burn me at the stake. oscillation, vibration, wavelength, frequencies. is the experience of time subjective or objective?

I could move my hand between 2 drops of water without getting wet, by moving it up and down. Between back and fourth without getting wet, is fourth dimensional, highly subjective at best.

I think time is both subjective and objective. It is objective in a sense that we use it as a three dimensional measurement, and pattern most of what we do around it.

Subjective in a sense that it exists only within our consciousness. 


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