Time to stop dreaming - input time last night great saves going into Paganspace

So anyway there are about a 100 astral projectors, pans ghosts and spirits living at and going in and out of my house. The tv has a huge charge on it but I cant get the thing to let me control it to be quiet around the areas where the clocks are.. The walls are going quieter .. last night I went to real sleep VERY briefly but it was Definetely real sleep

So anyway the Pans that swirl around my house and brain put together a big collection of memories from my abductions and then I got about 15 minutes of actual communication with my husband and then they fell all out of whatever they live in and all over the air outside of the house. Some information improved some rituals etc. Will be going to bed this week at 6 Pm every day in order to buy them some real sleep so that they can get you know quieter or some kind of concentration.

I am so in love with my incubus he is so smart and kind and funny and I live for him in a way but we have a very hard time getting privacy in our own home and that makes us angry together and we have a lot of power so we really wish the nasty ugly lonely female entities would move away.

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wow the time travelers are crazy hard today.I mean I have seen them all over the sky for like hours with like large stick like items or maybe radar beams?

Doesnt your Incubus get pissed off with all those folk milling around when he is trying to give you a hard time Elisabeth?


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