Tinctures Home Made Medicine - New to it looking for some friendly advice

Ok so I've been looking into making an alcohol based tincture I'm new to the whole thing but have been wanting to try it for a while now.  I am currently in Japan right now I'm in the Marines I live at Camp Fuji in the Shizuoka Prefecture in Gotenba. Does anyone know of a good sited ( I use amazon.com so far it seems like the most reliable site) to order  herbs for making tinctures how much herb I should typically order at a time.  I bought some Valerian root on amazon and it just does not seem like I have enough of the herb to make a tincture right now. Also the size of jar I am using are quart jars.

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Amazon is a good basic resource, Corbin. Others include alchemy-works.com & azuregreen.com, & I'm sure you can find more by searching online. Azuregreen offers a military discount, which is always a plus. As for the actual making, a quart jar of tincture is probably going to make a lot more than you need. Since you use only a few drops at a time, you're probably not going to use them up before you move again.

The ratio of herbs to alcohol & water varies depending on what type of herb you're using - roots, leaves, seeds, or bark. Most use a ratio of 2:2:1, herbs/alcohol/water but, as I said, that does vary. While you're shopping online, check out half.com & look for Penelope Ody's "Complete Guide to Medicinal Herbs". It's written in an easy, accessible style, with explicit details & directions that make it very easy for a beginner to follow, & it includes standard dosages. You should be able to pick it up for less than $5, & it's worth its weight in gold. 

Beyond that, I cannot stress this enough - check with your doctor before using any tinctures. Natural is not always safe. Some don't interact well with each other, or with traditional medicines. Valerian is one of the ones that doesn't play well with others, & carries a possible risk of liver damage when taken for too long or at too high a dose. It's also one of the worst-tasting herbs ever. Chances are there's something that tastes better & carries less risk.

Further thought - whatever kind of jar you're using, make sure it has a wide mouth. Trust me on this one - the herbs are going to swell, & getting them out of a small-mouthed jar can be a bitch.

thank you for the advice :) 

I will look into that thank you

This is something I suggest you be very careful with.  If you have visitors; make sure they know that your tinctures are concentrated so they don't just take a big gulp while you are not looking.    

I suppose you don't know many alcoholics then.  

I'm not to worried about it I'm in the marine corps so most my things are locked away unless I pull them out.

i'd  look into azuregreen. while amazon can be  ok, for this i'd trust azuregreen over Amazon.  http://www.azuregreen.net/

I'd trust mountainroseherbs.com, which you can likely find on Amazon. Azuregreen is good but they seem a bit pricey to me. Just remember with tinctures you're usually only using an eyedropper with a couple or few drops sublingually so you don't have to make enough for the entire community. Quart jar might be easier for you to find, but you might also consider using baby food jars if you have access. More concentrated, less space and less waste.

are you planning on using just valerian? it's unusual to make tinctures out of only a single herb isn't it? 

Tinctures are usually made with single herbs, which can then be combined if necessary.  Processing them individually gives you better control of the final product.

I honestly don't know, I have been wanting to do this for a while but haven't had the money or the means at different times now I do, my only problem is idk quantities or what herbs would be good to use


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