I am looking for anyone who is in the Fort Wayne area, That is a pagan.. I would like to meet more people and talk with them and possibly learn more about being a pagan...

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You could search the group list for state-specific groups.



Try sunlight!  he he he.


sorry.  Fort wayne does have a considerable community.  It will take a little time to break down barriers. Just go slowly, carry a small emotional shield and be prepared for judgement and caution.  They are a little put off by new comers.  Take your time.  You are technically in the bible belt even though you are so close to the Michigan line.

ok, lol do you know anyone here?


Sorry, I haven't been back that way in over 240 moons!Wow!  I didn't really think it was so long ago.  But, I remember the area well.  Fight the good fight sugar.  I know you'll do just fine.

Have you tried Witchvox?  Their Local covens and groups section would be a good place to start if you haven't been there already.


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