I don't know about the rest of you, but it is nearly impossible to find people in my town to get together with.


Although some of the meetings call themselves pagan, I believe what they really mean is Wiccan and I end up disappointed all the time.  I wish I could find a group of ecclectic pagan/magical practitioners. 



I have nothing against Wiccans, but it really bothers me when they list the meeting as Pagan, and all they discuss at meetings are Wiccan related topics.  Obviously, someone like me does not fit in.


I remember going along with some of the meetings a few times and ended up sorry that I did.  Most of the meetings either get cancelled or members are not consistent with meeting attendance.


It makes me wonder if I will ever find any friends (in person) in this town.

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My only suggestion is keep going.  Be who you are.  Eventually, someone with interest closer to yours will show up and you'll find a friend. 


I don't fit into groups where I live either.  Sometimes I go just to be like pow, I'm still here and I won't conform to your ideals.  It's kinda of fun to insert myself into thier stuff simply because I bring a different point of view and it irritates the pink out of them.


Have faith.

Even if they're Wicca-centered groups, that may be because it's the only perspective that's being presented.  If they're advertised as Pagan in general, do you speak up about your beliefs and what makes you different?  If they really do mean to be solely Wiccan, you still might find some sort of friends in those people... even if it's connecting with one or two you really like and keeping in contact with just those individuals.


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