i have lately stopped taking my meds partly because i didn't feel they were making any difference and the doctor justs said just keep taking them or you will heed side effects. and just kept piling on more and more. i have got fed up with it as the medications were havin such an effect on my system that it was stopping my hair and nails growing pretty much..

ok so i have been on and off meds since i was small child due to abuse.. and i am one the few who resorted to self harm to deal with it.

i wondered if i am the only one to feel this way?
i want to get better/ live better without a pharmacy full of drugs!!

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thanks for the reply. i have found that a lot of medical people don't listen to you if you are depressed.. they seem to think you aren't capable of thinking for yourself, that really infuriates me. i wont allow them to turn me into a zombie..

i feel kinda awkward about the whole self harm thing tho' its one of them coping strategies that work but aren't good..lol

Hi!  Perhaps you need to get a second opinion.  One knows what their body is like and how it is responding to treatment.  If you don't think the meds are working, don't stop taking them, as the results of this are worse than taking them.  Contact your mental health worker, or if your doc won't listen, get a second opinion.  Good Luck! Icemaiden


 I would recommend a second or even third opinion.

I'm a little biased in the topic of drugs because of a very bad experience. I'm quite sour to them. A doctor gave me antidepressants a year ago and I began having terrifying hallucinations. The doctor dismissed them and pushed me to continue the treatment. He wouldn't listen, so it got to the point where I stopped taking the pills cold turkey and lied to him for three months. I started self-treating with some natural remedies and luckily it worked over time. I know how you're feeling, definitely NOT trying to get you to stop all treatments! My approach was pretty extreme. Still is, actually- I refuse to take any pills for psychological reasons now. What I'm trying to say is, I should have gotten more opinions from different doctors and looked into alternatives. This is something you should really consider.


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