I find comfort in all genres of music depending on my mood, of course, I prefer a bonfire, drumming and dance to sweep me away to another plane of existance.

Be it String Theory, Membranes, or one with the universe , I am floating away from who I am and into a world which is both real and unreal.

I can listen to the likes of Andre Bocelli, Lorenna McKennit,  Emerald Rose, symphony, rock, blues and on and on....

My preference is to be around a bonfire, with or without others, skyclad or clothed.  I do not need any type of herb or beverage to allow me to escape this world although I do know the gratification when one does.

We have new members that may be seeking knowledge in this area and I believe we all have our own way of surrendering ourselve beyond our human existance into a higher realm.

Please feel free to share since I don't believe there is only one answer to this question.

Thank you family

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Peace and Love with Harmony Present,

My ear is always open to Soliton Waves.  I remember hearing a note that Miles Davis produced at the Greek Theater in Berkeley California.  It's probably still traveling on the outskirts of the Universe.  The song Biophilla combine music with technological manual control innovation.  There was over seven harmonic singers that intrigued my ear and inner soul.

Please post if you can!!!

Can get lost in blues, rhythm and soul.

It's all good!!!

I use pretty much everything except Country or Gangster Rap.  In both cases my revulsion for them gets in the way of going into trance.  Drumming CD, New-Age, Renascence Folk, Alternative, 80's rock ballads.....  it's all good.

My meditative and spiritual music usually is of Gregorian chants and New Age instrumentals. I've also found "elf" and "fantasy" music to have a very strong effect inside me. Honestly, most music that is labeled or marketed as Pagan does not really suite me. I look more for the sound than than anything else. 


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