So, somehow I've attracted a spirit and unwittingly invited him into my house. He freaks my dog, Mia, out (since she's really protective of me in the first place) and gives me trouble almost every night. He doesn't seem dangerous. All he's been doing is bugging me (touching my feet, back, shoulders, ect.) and he makes one of my friends, who is sensitive to these sorts of things, rather uneasy. I believe he was attracted to me in the first place because of my anxiety issues and he seems really unhappy here. I'm an inexperienced witch so I'm not sure how to help him move on and i want to make sure I do things right and not just piss him off even more. Does anyone have any advise for me??

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Have you ever looked at West African Nature Voodoo, Very Earth Spirt

based. A author by the name of Haggard ,on Project Guttenberg wrote

some interesting stories SHE, is the first one I read, GOOOOD STUFF.

  Thought:  If stories teach, what is being said nowdays.

I'd like to thank everyone who offered their excelant (and varrying) advise. :) As an update to the current situation, a few more spirits found their way to my house. One of them was not very friendly and would offten make me feel sick but I set up boundries and he respected them until I did more reserch and was able to get all but one spirit out of my house. :D My hteory on the remaining spirit (and please correct me if I'm way off here) is that it might  possibly be the spirit of my poor little dog that was poisoned and, despite our best efforts to save him, died five days later in my room, which is where the majority of the activity takes place. I'm certain that even if it isn't my dog, something IS holding him here and it is proving difficult to get him to "pass on" because of this. I did keep his collar after he died as well as the blanket he died on. Could he have attached his energy to one or both of these things? If so, how exactly would i release him?
It certainly good contain attached energy. My advice would be yo take the items and give it a burial while honoring the spirit and tell it to pass on. You're gonna have to let go too.

someone told me burning the items would work as well. Is that true? And i suppose i should burry the blancket and the collar, shouldn't I... Great, I'm ganna have his funeral all over again. :P

I'm glad all the spirits here are good guys.  They are teaching me a lot, at least I think it's the spirits. 


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