Best show on television and internet live feeds, video channels. The Trump inauguration day and the battling sides of protests to the heavily unpopular corporate con artist slated President by over 67 million voters and the other millions that didn't participate in the 2016 elections.

The scenario with bikers promising to sacrifice their lives for their corporate despot to protect against the thousands of scapegoated groups under a Trump regime, the entertainment will be priceless.

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Sorry, I'm very busy.  I didn't have time to read it.  I just did a google image search and posted the first thing I saw.  Very busy lately. 

However, thank you very much Neph for correcting me.  It's my own fault for being lazy.  I should've waited and found some time to actually look at it.

But this part still stands, tho.

This is what I found in Milo Y's social blade following this incident.

Following this incident he's sky rocketing in views and subscribers.  He normally gets only 1k subs per day. But with this incident he gained 17k, then 13k.   His book is a best seller at number one.

Milo decides to talk about it with 63k people supporting him on this issue, whilst only 9k people are heavily against him.  Look at the like to dislike ratio.

Yet, again, people attack Milo and he gets more popular.  When I first heard of Milo, which was only 2016, I think.  He only had 77k subs, I think.  But now, he's skyrocketed to about 500k subs.   Because people keep trying to silence him, leaving others to wonder, "What's all the hubbub about?"  

This isn't an endorsement of Milo.  Milo backstabbed 2 of his friends: Cathy Young and Ben Shapiro.  Done without a care in the world.  and I noticed something when people attack him.  Neph, if somebody was yelling at you what are you more likely to do? Get angry? Feel sad? Feel frightened or threatened?  Or laugh your ass off at your attackers?   Guess which one that Milo does.  Every time I watch his speeches, I see him giggling at getting attacked by people.  Then I look at his popularity ratings.  and he keeps getting popular with each and every attack.   He's playing the left.  At least the radical portions of the left.  The more people attack him, the more they're playing into his hands.  I could agree with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks that I also believe Milo wants to be attacked.   I think everybody is a pawn in Milo's head. 

Milo Y is a self described sociopath:

He matches his own description of what a sociopath is.  He is indeed a compulsive liar.  He lies all the time.  and who else betrays their friends without feeling and guilt or remorse?  Here's Cathy talking about him:

And Cenk did actually give his fans some very decent advice.  Just have a liberal speaker on the other side.  That's the way you could steal attention away from Milo.  Milo is exploiting all the attacks he's receiving.   Watching his body language as people are silencing him.  He's kinda a creepy dude. 

 Why did you need me to find you that video of Milo unnecessarily displaying to his audience a picture of a transgender student who happened to be on the same campus where Milo was speaking?  

Shouldn't people also post links and resources for the assertions that they're making???

 Why didn't you read that Snopes article that accompanied the image that you hastily searched for?  I'm sorry, but using the excuse that you're too busy doesn't cut it when you're not too busy to post on this forum.

A post that was only 2 pictures, you mean?  If I had posted a novel, I would see your point.  But 2 pictures and leaving is like posting a sentence on twitter before going to work.  You never posted one sentence on twitter than rushed to work?  Then that's you.

Your question is still the Denying the Antecedent Fallacy.

ok, maybe I should only participate in paganspace when I have more time? sounds good? 

To me, it sounds like you're calling me a hypocrite. But also to me, it seems like it lacks nuance. If you really are calling me a hypocrite like I think you are, then should I go to how your position lacks nuance?

It's why I personally hate the word hypocrite and try to avoid using it or implying it. Tho, I could see how it's tempting. I've been heavily tempted to how people hypocrites multiple times and it's hard to fight back the urges. But it's a word I hate using because most of the time it lacks nuance. And when people are telling people, including telling me off how it lacks nuance, the other is usually in the right.

If I'm inferring something wrong, then I'm sorry. Is my inference wrong?


Not just Jews: Trump issued a statement honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day that didn’t mention Jewish people. The omission was intentional; in fact, it was revealed Thursday that the State Department had drafted a different statement that did mention Jewish victims that the White House chose not to use. And there were no regrets.

Compensating for hate: In addition to the widespread protests, many companies also responded with plans to counter the Muslim Ban, such as Starbucks committing to hiring 10,000 refugees, Lyft donating $1 million to the ACLU, and Google creating a $4 million crisis fund. The singer Sia also promised to match up to $100,000 in donations to the ACLU, and several other celebrities followed suit.

Ambassador in chief: Excerpts of Trump’s calls with foreign leaders last Saturday indicate that he threatened to invade Mexico to take care of the “bad hombres” down there and that he hung up on Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after trying to renege on a deal President Obama made to accept 1,250 refugees from an Australian detention center. Details of his call with Russian President Vladimir Putin remain elusive because the White House chose not to record it.

Pure Islamophobia: The Trump administration wants a federal counter-terrorism program to abandon its focus on violent white supremacists so that it can focus exclusively on Muslim groups. When asked Thursday what the Trump administration planned to do about “homegrown” terrorist threats, Sean Spicer oddly replied that they’d start by looking at the borders.

Backfiring: Trump threatened last week to cut federal funding for “sanctuary cities” — municipalities that refuse to hold undocumented immigrants in detention — but the number of sanctuary cities is only growing.

Frederick Douglass is doing an amazing job: On Wednesday, Trump commemorated Black History Month with a bizarre speech that was largely about his performance in the election and some black people who have treated him nicely.

Never mind, Milwaukee: Trump was scheduled to head to Wisconsin Thursday to deliver an economic address at the Harley-Davidson factory there, but that trip was canceled by Tuesday because the threat of protests made the motorcycle manufacturer uncomfortable.

Peculiar tweak: The Treasury Department seems to have loosened some of the sanctions against Russia, though many are calling it an expected fix and not a change in policy.

Trump took a number of actions this week that incompletely fulfilled some promises. We found just one example of a clear break:

2 for 1, maybe someday: Trump promised a “a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated,” but contrary to his claims, that’s not actually what his new executive order does.

Remember, you can always check out our interactive list of Trump’s 663 campaign promises here.

This section was originally intended to contain around three to five examples, but that’s frankly not possible on weeks like this.

Banning Muslims: Detaining people;  handcuffing them; separating them from their parentstheir caretakers,  their patients, and the health care they need to live; and generally preventing them from ever seeing their families — just because of what country they are from — is not normal.

Not in the know: Trump actually signed the Muslim ban while his Secretary of Homeland Security, Gen. John F. Kelly, was still receiving his first briefing about what the executive order would even do. It turns out he knew it was coming though, because he heard Trump talk about it on the campaign trail.

Our way or the highway: If State Department employees have a problem with the Muslim ban, Sean Spicer said Monday that they can “either get with the program or they can go.” That could mean over 1,000 people would have to go.

Bannon unchecked: Asked about Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s remarks that Islam is “dark” and “not a religion of peace,” Sean Spicer said that Trump has a different view, but then refused an opportunity to distance the White House from the sentiment.

UnDemocratic: To advance two of Trump’s cabinet nominees that Democrats threatened to block, Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee changed the rules to proceed without any Democrats present. The following day, the Environment and Public Works Committee employed the same tactic.

What First Amendment?: Republican state lawmakers across the country are considering new laws to prohibit protests like those sparked at airports across the country by Trump’s Muslim ban.

A short road to fascism: Experts on authoritarianism are even more concerned about Trump’s dictator-like tendencies in week two than they were in week one. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that this poster from the U.S. Holocaust Museum outlining the disturbingly familiar warning signs of fascism went viral this week:

Trump hates studying: Asked by CBN’s David Brody about whether Trump would be moving the U.S.’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Trump provided an answer with key insights into his decision-making process: He “hates” to wait for research. “We’re doing very detailed studies on that and that will come out very soon. I hate to do that, because that’s not usually me — studies. It’s usually: I do what’s right, but this has two sides to it.”

The Trump administration told an overwhelming number of lies this week. Check out the ThinkProgress’ complete video roundup of the week’s lies and a few we thought really stood out:

Chaos is “nice”: Trump has repeatedly insisted that “the ban” is not a Muslim ban (it is), and as protests were already fomenting last Saturday over unjust detainments, he insisted that the ban was “working out very nicely.” Later in the week, White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller similarly claimed that the only disruptions caused by the ban were those “created by protesters.”

Two sizes too small: Kellyanne Conway defended the Muslim ban in an interview Saturday in which she claimed, “We’ve got the most generous immigration laws in the world, and we have big hearts as well.” Meanwhile, other countries were openly promising to welcome the refugees who would be denied entry to the U.S. by the executive order.

By and large (and white nationalist): Asked about the near-universal criticism Trump has received from Jewish groups over the Holocaust Remembrance Day statement, Sean Spicer insisted that “by and large, he’s been praised for it,” defending that the president “went out of his way to recognize the Holocaust.” The only praise Trump has received has been from anti-Semites, and it certainly hasn’t been “by and large.”

“An unbelievably qualified educator”: Defending Betsy DeVos’ nomination to be Secretary of Education, Sean Spicer called her “an unbelievably qualified educator and advocate for students, teachers, parent.” She has never taught and has no formal training in education whatsoever.

Refugees are not illegal: In his attempts to substantiate his apparent hostility to Australia, Trump has repeatedly referred to the refugees President Obama agreed to accept as “illegal immigrants.” Refugees are arguably not immigrants at all until they resettle, and when they do, they are very much legal immigrants.

Detainment, Schmetainment: The White House claims it’s no longer detaining anybody under the Muslim ban, but this is only because the administration doesn’t agree that it counts as detaining when people are held at airports for questioning.

Alternative history: Kellyanne Conway defended the Muslim ban — and specifically the prohibition on refugees — by citing the “Bowling Green massacre,” an apparently horrific tragedy that never actually happened.

You may remember “Lyin’ Ted” and “Little Marco,” but this week President Trump devised a new, less-catchy nickname for someone he wanted to mock: Fake Tears Chuck Schumer.

The jab came after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) condemned Trump’s Muslim ban on Sunday, getting choked up as he described it as “mean-spirited and un-American.”

At a press conference Monday morning, Trump countered:

Schumer’s communications director, Matt House, derided the name-calling as a distraction from the “un-American, poorly put-together, and rushed executive order.”

But Trump’s acolytes were all too happy to pile on Schumer. Former New York Police Department Commissioner Bernie Kerik, who supports the Muslim ban, insisted that Schumer didn’t show any emotion on 9/11. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich chastised Schumer for not crying over Americans who have been shot.

And Sean Spicer even defended Trump’s tweets at a press briefing. “Where’s Senator Schumer’s tears been for all the other problems that are going on in this country?” he asked, noting the many people struggling with homelessness and unemployment in Schumer’s state of New York. “It’s interesting that in eight years, with all the stuff that’s going on in this country in terms of crime and the economy, I haven’t seen too many tears come from Senator Schumer, so...”

Schumer’s cousin, comedian Amy Schumer, came to his defense on Instagram. “I know Chuck Schumer and HE CANNOT act trust me,” she wrote. “He can barely smile on cue. He can’t help but be transparent and genuine. He was hurt for those people and all the people facing such unconstitutional injustice.”

It’s been a dark week, y’all. And it’s easy to read through this wall of text and feel overwhelmed, alone, and powerless.

But one of the keys to resistance is resilience. There is strength in solidarity, and each march, rally, and protest is an opportunity for people to lift each other up. Those demonstrations send a message to our leaders, but through them, we also send a message to each other that we are not alone, and we stand together against the moral wrongs we see unfolding around us.

So this week, we leave you with a brief moment captured by our own Jack Jenkins at Dulles airport last weekend. As arriving passengers emerged from customs, they were greeted by roaring crowds assuring them that everybody, including those who are Muslim, are welcome in this country.

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Well, I can't see everything, I clearly missed it.  He had multiple people fooled.  Watching videos will never make me 100% accurate.  I would never be 100% accurate because people do tell lies.  The media tells lies, too.  Since what's around today is mostly yellow journalism.  It's all sensationalism.  I know that sticking with original videos, I would make mistakes eventually. 

But it doesn't change the fact that when I look at Left wing media like The Young Turks.  It would always be "Racist White Cop Shoots Innocent Black Man."

Tho, when you look at the FBI's homicide statistics which keeps track of all homicide.  And "all" last time I checked.  black on black, and white on white crime is ALWAYS the highest.  and black people actually kill more whites than vice versa. 


409 blacks killed whites, 189 whites killed blacks


446 blacks killed whites. 187 whites killed blacks.  

But the media keeps going, "White Cop Kills Black Man."  It also doesn't focus on whether or not the black person has a long rap sheet.  Or whether or not they actually did find a gun at the scene of the crime.   The black person is always "innocent."  And sometimes when you do find the whole entire video.  It's not like what the media covers it.  You could see the whole video somewhere and the cop says, "Sir, you were speeding can you please show me your ID." Just for the black person to grab the cop's arm and take off driving and you could clearly see the cop being dragged.  When the cop shot the black guy, it would be done out of self-defense.  So, it seems like the media is deliberately race baiting.

I acknowledge that I would never be 90%-100% accurate.  If I put enough research into it, I'll probably only have a 70% accuracy rate.  However, I still think it's better than being manipulated.  For example, in one of the Democratic Debates Hillary vs Bernie.   It would seem like Bernie did nothing wrong.  But CNN would say, "Bernie was being sexist for interrupting Hillary Clinton while she was talking."  But if you watched the debate, Hillary was actually the one who was interrupting him.  And he wouldn't allow her.   He wanted to speak in the time he was allowed.  and the moderators should've been there to tell Hillary not to interrupt Bernie while he was talking.

Or "Grab him by the pussy."  Watching the whole thing, me and others got a different interpretation.  When I saw the whole thing from beginning to end.  He also said, "They let me do it."   He also said, "I tried and I failed."  He was taking a married woman shoe shopping and he was helping her with other kinds of shopping.   What he did was STILL wrong because I'm sure her husband would've been upset.  But it doesn't sound like sexual assault to me or anybody who heard the full version. 

Or John Oliver talking about the wage gap.  It's been debunked even by the feminist Christina Hoff Sommers who had economists look at it.   It's been debunked multiple times.  But it seems like John Oliver was lying by telling the truth.  Like telling the truth, as if the truth itself is a joke. 

I feel like trying my best and failing is still better than being lied to and manipulated.   Vernaculis, The Justicar, Nick Carroll, all have gone into details on how the media lies to you.  Lies to us all.  And these lies has consequences.  The LEFT is becoming more and more radicalized.  Trump is painted as Adolf Hitler.   Who's banning the Muslims.  So, former government investigator The Justicar jumped in and explained how Donald Trump isn't actually banning Muslims.  The countries with the "Muslim ban" is the ISIS countries or something like that.  And there are 7 other Muslim countries where they could still come to the USA.   We all make mistakes. I would actually post retractions and updates on my videos.  The retraction would either be in a new video or in the comments somewhere.  Sargon also puts retractions up.  Vernaculis doesn't, tho.  But we all try to be as honest as possible when giving out information because the last thing we try to be is dishonest to our audience. 

Trump is painted as Adolf Hitler.

He is following a lot of what that  dictator did.  The parallels are uncanny.  And scary.  

 Who's banning the Muslims.  So, former government investigator The Justicar jumped in and explained how Donald Trump isn't actually banning Muslims.  The countries with the "Muslim ban" is the ISIS countries or something like that.  And there are 7 other Muslim countries where they could still come to the USA. 

From countries that Trump does business with.  Is he really concerned for America's safety or just pandering?

Or John Oliver talking about the wage gap.  It's been debunked even by the feminist Christina Hoff Sommers who had economists look at it.   It's been debunked multiple times.  But it seems like John Oliver was lying by telling the truth.  Like telling the truth, as if the truth itself is a joke. 

I wasn't aware that it had been debunked.

The gap depends very much on what you're using as a measuring rod.


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