Good evening~

My friend sent me this picture of these figures that seem to have been drawn with ashes or dust, they were outside her boyfriend's window that is at street level.

We're really worried because there's a group of people that they call themselves "wiccans" (toxic & manipulative people that always get someone else to do negative & hurtful magic to others, they've tried to hurt me but without success. I don't believe they have enough power since they're so toxic) that doesn't approve their relationship & wants to have her boyfriend by their side but they dislike my friend.

We're not sure if these are sigils made out of ashes & if they are, how did they make those detailed figures? With what tool?

Also, does anyone have any idea what kind of sigil this might be? Looking at those figures there must be some symbology (I hope) going on. 

My friend blew them away & they disappeared so this is the only picture we've got.

Thanks so much & I hope you can help us so we have an idea of what we're dealing with & with whom because I'm pretty sure they made someone else to do their dirty work so the karma won't slap them back. :/

~ Hecate Persephone

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You very well know my name Snowflake something or other...

( oh , yeah white supremacist )...your new nickname...

But you are right , I can help her...I know the arts of the curandero

as well as brujo , and only say this this way , as she says she is from

Mexico , on her she can relate...;)

Well this goes back to the Old Wietchcrreayafth :

Not the modern "garden varieties" , nor any "Law Of Three"

or belief in Karma...I teach it , so I know how it works ;

Now , this involves gematria ( number / letter relations )

to answer your questions ; so bear with me , and do your

best to take it slow and understand , this was our ancient

code from our Book Of Shadows ;

Sigil Outside Window ( 107 + 164 + 10 = 281 )

Wietch ( our old spelling ) = 281

Snake Sigil Outside Window = 452

Now this is one of our arrangements of symbols :

It has a value for the symbols of 994 ;

We can add words with smaller values within this arrangement value

to create formulas for spells , rituals , and other needs ;

So , to show you what this sigil is outside the window :

Snake Sigil Outside Window = 452

It Will Be Curse To Bind Person = 542

= 994

So , it is specifically created as a bind , directed at one

or the other of them , to disrupt the relationship...

Now in answer to another part of your question ;

Snake = 171

Sigil = 107

In = 190

Graveyard = 461

Ash = 66

= 995

Which is , in old tradition , one of the potent materials to use in dark spellwork...

So , yes , I have my reasons to believe they know our old ways...

But they are *not* modern Wiccan...there is a much older spelling , which denotes

those of us who follow the extremely ancient path of the Stone Age Cult Of The Dead ,

still alive today , yet little known by most , extremely secretive ( generally ) , and very

rarely spoken of ;

We are known as the Wieckaan , not Wiccan , and are Wietches , not Witches ;

This may not seem to mean much , but for those who know , we are worlds different...

The first thing I would do , is place a long narrow piece of mirrored glass carefully

at the inside sill of that window , facing outward , toward where the sigil was drawn ;

You may do a reversal spell , such as follows :

Return negative energy

You can find others online...

Best I can do for now...let me know how things go...;)

Yeah , I saw that , Who...good eyes...;)

I was thinking more of the erroneously drawn possibility...

All I am saying with my previous post , is in my Tradition

of the Old Craft , this *has* been done , and *still is*

being done...

With their claim of being Wiccan , ( which I do think is

Wieckaan , as we do not have a "Harm None" ) there is

the possibility of them using this spell and technique ;

The further idea you put forth of it being redrawn , would

fit with the idea of reloading charge to the spell , over time ;

I can not see this as :

1. Natural Occurence

2. Gang related or graffitti as that normally would be much

more elaborate to state or illustrate "prowess , boldness ,

or power"

3. This leaves the higher possibility of malicious intent , and

purposeful , as it is a known technique from an old tradition ,

specifically Wieckaan...for instance in our Tradition , is found

the spell to send an astral black mambo in dreamtime...

So , perhaps we can not be sure...

Yet as the "Eight Ball" would say :

"All Signs Point To Yes"

Image result for eight ball all signs point to yes

If your friend is nearby, and you can go to her boyfriend's home, do a cleansing and then seal his home.  If not, do a conjure bag of protection to give to her for her to hang in her boyfriend's home.  She can cleanse the sill with salt, water and fumigation of sage.

The symbol is not familiar, but for all we know it might be some graffiti artist or local gang symbol.

"If your friend is nearby, and you can go to her boyfriend's home, do a cleansing and then seal his home. If not, do a conjure bag of protection to give to her for her to hang in her boyfriend's home. She can cleanse the sill with salt, water and fumigation of sage."

Good suggestion Aurelia...that would be a great start for protection...;)


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