Various Reconstructions of Pre- Abrahamic Middle Eastern Beliefs

Sumerian- Temple of Sumer,

Canaanite- Natib Qadish, more Natib Qadish, AMHA, Tel Shemesh, Ugaritic Temple, Qadash Kinahnu,  Canaanite Paganism, 


Arabic- Wathan,

Turkey- Hurrian & Hittite,   


Do you know of any others that may be added to the list? Egypt is technically in Africa, but, does it belong on this list?

Okay, here's Egypt- Kemetic Orthodoxy,

I recommend reading Xoc's great discussion here.

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 Suggestion;  find someone who knows their way around the 'DEEP WEB'

I had to look up the term. That's interesting, thanks for the tip.

In the late 90's I became familiar with the term 'FORBIDEN KNOWLEDGE'

 Tread carefully

This is a round about way ?

Trade is everywhere. May be he ran across hints of what your searching for.


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