First let me start out by saying, I am not into zombies, lol, but I started watching the series Walking Dead. Amazingly it is quite the commentary on human behavior when faced with constant life or death situations. My question to you all is, would you fight to remain alive even though the odds seemed stacked against you? Or would you put a bullet in your head so you wouldn't become a zombie if bitten? Would you hesitate to shoot a loved one that became a zombie? or would you lock them up so they couldn't make more zombies like them?

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ah the chaos theory... i loved that part

I don't personally think, that I really know what I would do in that particular situation; obviously, I think you have the whole self preservation thing, in which people would readily identify with, but on the other hand; who would realistically want to go through all of that ? The easy part for me would be shooting zombies, loved ones or not, it isn't the same person that you knew. No point in not doing it, in that case; not to mention, specifically being someone I knew previously, might prompt me to want to do it more.

Placed in this particular situation, there is no simple surgeries, dental care, or medications available to treat illness... Unfortunately, to me it seems that surviving means running a continual gauntlet of probably calamities; making it merely a matter of time until you're eventually dead. 



I love shooting zombies!

I've got guns. The rifles both have scopes and I'm a decent shooter out to 150 meter with the .22 and with the 30 06 I can make my shots count into the 400 meter mark. Very certain of one inch grouping at 250 meters.


Damn I'd pray this happens, if I believed in prayer.

As to me and my wife toffing each other in the eventuality either of us got bitten?

I could never shoot my woman even if she was cold, stiff jointed, shuffling towards me, and trying to chew her way into my head.

Women are always trying to get into my head.....Oh my God!

1) not sure if i would commit suicide. perhaps. i'm not certain if i would have the strength to go through with putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger. i would more likely have to have someone else do it. that is, assuming mass damage to the brain would be the only way.


2) would i hesitate? yes, yes i would... but i would still shoot. i couldn't conceive of the idea of locking them up to exist in a soulless state. but yes i would hesitate, (until they got too close lol)

OMGoddess that is fricking hilarious!

"I've seen too many movies to hesitate on shooting a loved one. "

From my Zombie song:

I yearn for the chance to dispatch a walking corpse.
Burn the body, without a hint of remorse.
Of course, it coulda been my mom, or my best friend.
But a zombie is a zombie. No question.

My husband and I watch that show too (honestly though, I'm considering stopping watching that show as it's starting to drag on and become boring).

That's a difficult thing to answer. One can answer with a definite yes or no, or kill or be killed kind of answer, but the reality is no one knows what they would do in such a situation, because none of us have been in the situation.

I can speculate that I would probably try to stay alive and search for sanctuary somewhere safe from zombies. It would kill me though to have to drag my children through it all though. Kids deserve to be kids, and not have to live through constant death all the time.

As for killing a loved one if they've turned into a zombie. They're already dead; it's not actually them walking around, so I probably wouldn't hesitate. Besides it would give me closure.

  I would fight to the last, if bitten I would do myself in as for someone I knew being turned, I would take them down, there's nothing in front of me but a walking very dangerous heap of dead meat.  That is what I would honestly hope I would do. 

i'd go out in a blaze of glory into a swarm of zombies were i bitten. gimmie a bat, or an axe i'd ill clear a way out of the building you holed up in :D


you guys are awesome, I absolutely love all of your responses!

As for myself! I would fight to the end, if I or a loved one were bitten, bullet in the brain!

I would SO fight to the bitter end! and...a loved one? if I'm on the're history...sorry but...Ive grown very fond of my


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