Okay let's have a show of hands here, how many people use:

a) an atheme
b) a wand
c) neither/bare hands
d) other (please explain)

Personally, I was originally drawn to the idea of a wand, then quickly decided i'd prefer to stick with my bare hands for a multitude of reasons including, but not limited to, the fact that i was not "out of the broom closet," i did not have access to a pagan community much less a store to provide me with any real tools, and also a general dislike for needing any external elements, which i felt was backed by the part in the charge of the goddess which states that you can not find what you are seeking unless you know to look inside.

Lately I've been sort of challenging this particular habit of mine, especially after having read quit a bit about atheme's the other night.

*Note: Please feel free to include as much or as little extra text along with your choice as you like. Heck I did :P

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I have a wand, and I've used it a couple of times, but I don't use it often. Most of the time I've used my athame to cast a circle. However, I use the forefinger and middle finger of my right hand to cast a circle in place of an athame often. Tools are pretty, and tools are great props. They are good to help focus your intent. The Charge is correct when it states you'll never find without, unless you find within.
very cool, thank you ^^

so then do you find that you are better focused using a tool? or is it basically the same difference and it's more a choice of mood or the particular working?
My teacher made sure that we could do what was needed without tools. It's basically the same difference for me now. If I'm part of a large ritual then I'll use the grandest tools I have for effect. But ultimately they are pretty decoration.
I guess I'd go wtih a, c and d.
Most often I use my sword to cast a circle, but I have two shorter blades that you might call athame that I occasionally use. If they're not handy, I have no problem using my hand.
Well said L.L.S.,
This is exactly so. Different tools, for different purposes and different magickal energies will be cast
from them. Tools also amplify our 'power-hand' energy as well as change the meaning, purpose and
end results of our magick. All this is a study and practice thing and the more you study and practice
the better magick you'll be able to muster. This is why the "Reed" tells us "What good be magick
without wisdom sense?"
When useing your 'power-hand' in magick it's important to remember that rings worn will also effect
the integrity of the energy too. It's a good idea when using tools in coven or group circles to announce
to folk just what the virtues and values of that tool are, before you use it. That way when folk
add there energy to what is being done, their energy is more intune with the purpose.

BB; Holdrost the blue )O(
e) All of the above

Tools are nice, but they can become an expensive crutch.
I have two wands, but I only really use one of them, just my personal preference x
I tend to use my hands. :)
I use both, or either, my athame or my wand, but if I find my self in a position that my tools are not available, the power in my body and my mind do just as well.
Well met Yesache, the mind is the best tool in the bag!
depending on where i am and how much space i have and if my children are there and awake... i've been known to use all 3 depending on the circumstances.
The right tool for the right job. I have and use three athame, a multitude of wands, two staffs, a multitude of crystals (spheres, points wands, cut, tumbled and unfinished), hands with rings and of course my bare hands depending upon what I am doing.
Each wand and athame in particular have very different energy focusing properties.
All of the crystals have different properties and of course each cut or form works differently.
All woods have different primary energies and are affected by the shape, length and tuning of the wand.
I have a wand from the 15th century that belonged to an ancient relative that has a mind of its own and only just co-operates with me, if you know what I mean.
I have wands made by other wand makers and without exeption all had to be consecrated to me before they would co-operate.
The wands I make for myself are consecrated, tuned and connected to me as I work them into being.

It would take several volumes to really talk abouot wands and energy and maybe some day I will write it all down.


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