Hello!  I am excited to have found Pagan Space, and look forward to learning more about the site, the beliefs, the ways, the practices, lots of things!

All my life I have been drawn to the Wiccan way, but never knew anyone that felt the same as I, and was too withdrawn and shy to branch out on my own and seek out people that felt the same as I did.

I am at a point in my life where I want to take the next step, but of course now can't find any local Wiccan's. I live in Fort Mill,  SC....right outside Charlotte, NC.   I am originally from Wisconsin, but have lived in the south for 19 years.

I know bits and peices of things "Wiccan" or "Pagan" from books and websites, but not enough to feel comfortable saying "I am Wiccan", although that is what I am drawn to.  I just don't know how I can learn more, and live more the way I'd like to live, if I can't find anyone to teach me, help me, guide me! 

Any suggestions?  Are there any great reference books anyone can direct me to, or does anyone know of anyone I can contact, maybe even someone in this area??  I can't seem to locate a local Coven or Wiccan Church around here.


Thank you all in advance!

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google: witchvox

Thank You, Anthony and Robert!  I will check out Witchvoxnow, and I will also look for a book by Valiente. Appreciate the suggestions!

You found Pagan Space........Pagan Space is a living encyclopedia of over 43,000 pagans......hundreds of great groups and discussions. please feel free to join my group FEISTY WITCHES! My two fav books are The Witches Guide to Life by Kayla Trobe and A Witches Book of wisdom by Patricia Telescoe,also get a good encyclopedia on Witchcraft and/or Wiccan. I use the Element Encyclopedia of witchcraft. there are many folks here happy to visit and chat

Kala Trobe is a close friend of mine; she is the real deal and has personally helped me a lot.  Great suggestion.  She knows her stuff; and is remarkably perceptive, wise, and pure, so her work is safe.  Accurate information won't suffice if the source is tainted, in my opinion.  But of course, listen to your own guidance as you explore.  Welcome!

Excellent!! I would enjoy meetiong her,she sees much as I seem to,too......

Make friends here, read a lot of information, try practicing with what makes you feel comfortable. You will find the wrong and right, go with your instincts. Ask yourself what it is you are truly seeking, and never settle for less.

Welcome, Linda & good luck with your search.

google pagan shops or Wiccan shops in you state go to their web sites most stores will sponsor open circles, classes, or local events.  This is a great way to get to know people and fined a coven that will be a best fit for you to learn form.  witchvox is also a good resources it will have a list of covens in your area and stores in your area. 

This site is more for social than any thing yes you will get some good ideas and recommendations, a few laughs.  But most of all you will run into people that will try to sound smart but have nothing to offer or simply be out to discourage you.  So as long as you look at this site not as an educational site but as a social site you will love it here and make good friends.  

Other wise you will become discouraged. 

good luck on your path and blessings.

Hello Linda. I read WICCA FOR BEGINNERS, and now I am re-reading it since I have a little more time to actually absorb what I am reading. It takes you through the basics I guess. It covers beliefs/non-beliefs, magic,meditation and energy, which is what I am trying to work on at the moment. It's great to be able to meet others who want to follow the same path!! I don't feel like I have to hide now.

Thanks all for the great info!   I did go to witchvox, and found some groups not too terribly far from me, although not as close as I had hoped.  Have been invited to join a meeting this Wed., but it is over an hour drive, so not sure I will be able to make it this Wed.  There is a closer group I have emailed, but not heard back from yet.  And Stephanie , I will check out that book!  Thanks again for all the help, information, and encouragement! 



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