As a newbie to this site, I guess I should write an introduction.

The problem I always have with this part of joining a group is where do I draw the line from boredom to awesomeness....

I guess to keep people interested I will start with the Awesome ~

Just yesterday, during an extreme moment... A moment in time that - energy was flowing, things were heating up and time was running out. Being the amazing Bad Ass Pagan that I am....

I jumped into action. Without fear for my own life... I was able to do the most awesome thing ever ~

* Drum Roll *

I was able to stop the timer on the microwave a full second before it was actions were able to stop the ringer from sounding off, my food was warm and I was able to walk away like a Boss...

(Yes, You may praise me and toss me treats... Whiskey is nice!)

I am Pagan...While many people narrow their Path down and are able to label themselves, I look at Paganism like a Buffet...Why would I want to eat just one type of food for the rest of my life. While I did not fully understand what I was being taught at an early age, my mother was into herbs. But I will gauge my “Official” Pagan Start Date at around my 15th year of life... That is when I started reading about Wicca.

If you are still reading, now comes the boring part of my life. Seriously, I am about to start rambling about my Family, Work, Dogs, and maybe go as deep as asking about the rash on my bum....

Okay, you were warned....

My wife & I...Yes I am really Married, and it is NOT thanks to the Stockholm Syndrome – she likes it here... Most of the time anyways...

Things often get hot between us ~ That is because we are both Candle Makers... Hot wax ...LOL

WOW Tough crowd...

Okay, We own a small Pagan/New Age Brick & Mortar Candle Store in Gadsden, Alabama Candles By Stevie, if you wish to look it up on Face Book.

I also started this year a Face Book Page & Etsy Store 'Witch Candle Shop' to be able to offer some more unique items and hopefully increase sales.

Yes, Business is about making money...well at least enough to stay open. I do dream of being a billionaire... (Yes, we did buy lottery tickets last time and lost....suck too..I had plans of being a crazy rich person.)

I truly enjoy Making & using Candles.

Thanks to my Mother, that allowed me to help her, I know – well according to Picture that she dated with her own handwriting, I was 11yrs old helping her make candles. So I assume that is correct...but she did lie about the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and a couple other things...

BTW: I am in my mid 40's My Wife Stevie prefers making Soy candles... I however am more drawn to Paraffin, Palm, and sometimes Bees wax.... Before anyone ask, I have made Tallow Candles before and have thought about doing them again to teach Stevie (wife).

We have two wonderful Dog, Barkley & Batman, both are black cocker spaniels – both came from rescues.

I have a son that is 21 and like a lot of kids his age, does NOT want to be part of the family business at this time... Feel free to ask Questions...

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Awesome Intro!! Welcome to PaganSpace!

Thank you.

Like a candddleeeee in the winnddddddddddddddd.

so when you make candles do you make em  with intent..  or do you just MAKE candles as a product?

do you integrate your spiritual workings into your candle creations?

how do you keep dog hairs out of the candles?

owning a brick and mortar store is a challenge..

tallow candles is impressive...

thankyou for the very human and humorous post with a lot of panache..

made me laugh......... 

   Yes, we do make some candles that are just candles... These are on the shelf ready to go. Smell great, have a warm glowing light and give out about 40 BTU of heat... (Since that pot candle heater became popular that is a common question)

  We do have some candles that the customer can charge, anoint and use for their spells. Pillars, Chimes (Yes, I have my own chime mold), Skulls, God/Goddess, Egg, Cauldron, and our Penis candles are ready to go. (Please note: If you want to see the Penis Candle, you will have to ask to see it as it is hidden to keep it away from minors.)

But yes, I do make Candles with intent for Rituals, Spells, and/or a special Desire. These types of candles are NOT sitting on the shelf, and are made to order. Following the Customers desire.

  I have no problem adding "special" ingredient to a custom candle (as long as it is legal that is)> I often take orders for Black Skulls, layered with Graveyard dirt, that the customers send the dirt they wish to use and I follow their orders to the "T".
  Some have written their own chants/spells that They want me to do while making their candles. Some wish to have certain rotation and control the number of rotations when mixing.
  Some will want herbs infused, sometimes that causes a problem if they are powdered, because that can clog a wick, causing an uneven burn or wick that goes out.

   Luckily, our Dogs do not shed a lot and are better groomed than most people. Often they eat better as well, since we treat then like our Fur Babies.

  Owning a Brick & Mortar Store has been an adventure. An ongoing adventure that you never know what you will see from day to day... So far, all is good. We are working on expanding more this year as time/money allows.

Tallow candles are becoming a lost art. If we can get the right spot, I would do a class on them, like we do the candle making classes for Soy & Paraffin. But with Tallow, I prefer an outdoor setting and wood heat. (The smoke collects in the tallow and produces a wonderful campfire scent when used.

I am glad you enjoy my post.

enjoyed it very much..   and yeah. tallow candles are not easy and is suitably awed.. 

I know there are people who would like candles with intent.   Used to run an online store and made some candles used to call them intentcandles  hahaahh. 

Nice to meet an artisan with a sense of humor . thanks for the explanation and the story.

I had a tallow candle which exuded that wonderful campfire scent. and they just burn in that certain way .......... 

have a good one mate.. 

Thank you....
  (We also do online stores/sales, and amazon.)

Love your intro welcome to the site! : 3

PM me a link to your store i'll check it out assuming reasonable shipping rates i might even buy something

Thank you....


Careful you don't break your timer. Welcome to Pagan Space.

Break my timer? I am new and not sure the meaning of that

I just realized what you meant...The microwave is fine...I thought it might be the edit button...LOL Newbie Mistake...



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