What is right and what is wrong?

This question is really stupid, cause there is no wrong or right. There is only good or evil. If you are good, then it is something inside of you, just as with evil.

The only thing is, that good people want to be good, even if it hurts them. My problem is, that I allways got treated bad by other ppl and that made me feel like I am not good enough. That is what allways held/holds me back. Of course you can say it is fear inside, because you think you can't make it, but what I think is the problem, is that we want to show other people that we are good, because they don't seem to see it.

The thing is, that I am very interested in torah and all the hidden meanings. We can say adam and eve were made the first humans, after 7 days, although this is stupid. The torah is a book made by stories that try to help people understand themselves. Just like thanin is not a whale but a thought.

So "adam" was seduced by "eve" and the serpent and afterwards he was ashamed by that. Now adam is our monkey brain and eve our mammal brain. The serpent is of course the reptilian brain. So eve seduces adam by reacting with the fight or flight response of the serpent.

You could call it fear or shame, although I would see it as regret, because adam was feeling regret for not following "gods" order (his soul's instinct).

Not that the soul is god, but it is a fracture of the Light of the sun and the male and female is the rising and falling of the moon's light or the body/matter.

So we regret and because of that we try to be better and show everyone that we don't make mistakes and want to show them, that we don't just sit around and do nothing...

Still do they deserve it? Do the bad feelings, (corrupted by the outside world or plain and simple others) that make you feel blamed deserve yoz being good to them?

Then why aren't they good to you?

Shouldn't you deserve what you give others. Love your neighbour as he loves you?

Are bad people worthy of you trying to make them better.

Trying to make them good inside their hearts.

I would say only if they DESERVE it!

You are not to blame, because you have a good heart, as light as a feather!

Just be you and you will become the Light of the sun.

Don't regret leaving things behind that only hold you back.

You can help them, when you are strong!!!

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Don't forget Lilith I like her more than Adam or Eve

Do you mean the serpent corn mother of mesoamerica?

The elongated skull of the nephilim?

She didn't want to lie beneath adam/the ape brain, so she grew wings and flew away ^^. 

Good and evil can be subjective as well.

Blood pressure can be subjective to our feelings ^^


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