Hello everybody. Since there seems to be a wide variety of magical traditions in practice, I wondered what Welsh traditions are in practice? There seem to be any number of Wiccan circles and Asatru groups in my part of Canada; do members here know about others? - Garth Spencer, Vancouver, BC

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You may find them interesting.

Thank you! - Garth

Hi I have relatives in Vancouver BC. But aside from that I do believe welsh paganism is more rooted in ancestral recognition as well as following the Mabinogion in some cases, In some families it could have been other traditions though. I work some with Cwn Annwn and Gwyn App Nudd, but aside from that is the only welsh deity I work with.


Part of my family appears to come from Glamorgan, as far back as I have traced it; another part traces back to Switzerland. So I'm trying to decide whether to pursue a Welsh or Teutonic occult tradition.

Garth, Vancouver

That's fantastic that you were able to trace your ancestors back to a certain place. Maybe you could do some research into that area and surrounding areas, see what stories, myths, legends,you can find. I'm from Wales as well but do not remember where my ancestors are from. 

If I may reply to the last bit of trying to decide...I think you will know or already know which one feels right to focus on now, besides, i've found the path to be never one direction lol 

best of luck to you!


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