What are the most important herbs that a witch should keep on her shelf?  I'm asking for idea because I want to add some new herbs.

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     Michael, any witch worthy of the craft always has salt in the cupboard ;)


   Eui, some herbs of witchcraft that are good to have around for the indoor garden having witches' are:


Aloe: The practical witch keeps this plant on hand in case of burns. I like to keep one on my altar as a symbol of healing and protection.... it just makes sense to me and these are really the only kinds of magical arts I work with most often.

Catnip: My cat loves the stuff and a tea made from the dried leavs restores confidence and eases the nerves.

Jasmine: The dried blossoms are infamously used in love charms.

Myrtle: Herbal lore suggests myrtle is an emblem of love, fertility, and marriage.

Rosemary:An essential herb with a variety of magical virtues.

Rue: A protective herb that drives away all evil spirits and intents.


This should give you a good start hopefully.



i always have a stock of bay leaves for soothing baths, mugwort for tea, and white willow bark for mild headaches. i also keep an aloe plant handy for the mild rashes, burns, scratches, etc.



Bay leaf


Star anise




All those mention plus gum arabic, juniper, patchouli, frankincense, dragons blood, pine needles or resin, lemon peel, rose petals, jasmine, and cedar.


**I** personally think it depends on what you're trying to accomplish and what you'll use most often. You could stock up on all kinds of herbs and not even use half of them. I'd buy herbs on an 'as needed' basis, as opposed to being given a list. Most herbs used in Witchcraft generally are already found in the home (if not in the spice aisle of your local grocer).

If casting, say for protection purposes...rosemary, lavender, bay, sage and salt are good to have around and use. But again, it's based on what you plan to do.

Good post Euipoi Wolf. I also always wondered what herbs a witch should keep on her shelf.

I grow several of my own so I always have them on my shelf/closet~ many of the herbs that were mentioned already plus....white sage...several different mints...including peppermint & spearmint (which I use the most)....lemon balm...horehound..rue...feverfew...echinacea...pennyroyal....lovage....comfrey....lemon verbena....tarragon...to name a few.....

Yeah, I would just buy them as needed or plant the most common ones (everybody has already posted them so I won't again) and harvest as needed. If you do grow your own make sure that when you cut fresh herbs to dry them in a cool dry place and keep them out of the sun.  :)

For me: Sage, sage and sage. Not only does it smell good when burned, but there's no such thing as over cleansing a home :D

One I didn't see in anyone's list, that I use frequently during cold/flu season, is ROSEHIPS! They are high in vitamin C, and mixed with other herbs depending on your symptoms, are great if you feel a cold coming on.

I make tea with rosehips, chammomile, orange peel, cinnamon chips, and add any of these:

Sore Throat/Cough-- Slippery elm, (mucilage) horehound, (this has a rough taste)  white willow bark (pain killer, anti-inflammitory)

Nausea/Vomiting-- Ginger

Also, garlic is good to keep on hand, as it's a natural anti-viral.


Mint for belly aches, Blackberry leaf for belly aches at the other end. lol. Enchinasia for over all health. I love how  lavendar, myrth smell. So always have that about also.

anything that you can collect that grows wild around your area. As it is a good way to start learning about herbs and plant life that is abundant around you.


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