So with all the stereotypes of what a pagan is or isn't or who can or can't be a pagan and so on, I thought I'd ask.... What do you do for a living? (help us break some more stereotypes about who can't be a pagan because of whatever job they have ;) lol)

So, what do you do? How long have you been in this field of work? Is it what you feel you are 'meant' do be doing?

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Now: Rent-A-Cop

Soon: artist/musician

I am a chameleon breeder. I got into this because my new bf at the time (hubby now) had a chameleon he had just sold. But the girl didn't pay, so he got him back. He told me that he tried a long time ago with his first chameleon (a veiled chameleon named Rumling) to mate her to his male (StarvinMarvin) but had no luck, and when his female died he sold the male.

When I met him he had a bearded dragon and a shark. I thought they were awesome so he brought me to the girls place and showed me Marvin... I was facinated. I wanted one... and since she didn't pay.....

One day I asked him if he would ever try to breed them again. He said he'd have to find a female again of course... so another day we went to a pet store and the only chameleon in the store was a ready to breed veiled female....... talk about a sign ;)

I have been in the chameleon business for about 5 years now and definately think I am 'meant' to be doing this ;)

I teach the Code of my tradition...;)
I'm a community support worker.  I work in a group home helping three middle aged ladies live their lives and access the community.

Good fortune in that , Emrys...


We have a great woodworking school , where

I live in Mendocino , California...


I have great respect for those who shape wood...


And I live on a river , in a fishing village...


Yeah...I can might like it here...;)

I have many jobs

- I am a mother, my children are or are about to be 23, 19, 13, 11 & 8; I have step-children who are or are about to be 23 & 8

- I am a life-partner, I help my Yarom with anything I can

- I am an Office Manger/Personal Assistant in a busy Wellness Center, generally taking care of the person and business of a Chiropractor who also has a Certified Acupuncturist, an ND, an LMT and a RMT also on site

- I am a Certified Lactation Counselor I work with WIC, low income pregnant and nursing moms


I've been a Mom in some capacity for 25 years

I've been a life-partner to someone for 26 years

I've been an Office Manager for almost 3years

I've been a CLC for 7 years


Yes, I feel these are important things for me to be doing, but given time and the money to pursue it I would be working on more of an education, what fields would depend on whether it was for fun or income or a pleasant combination of the 2


Just in general, the stereotype of people saying "you can't be a ____ if you're Pagan"

Military- electrician in the military specifically
I have worked in the hospitality and music fields doing everything from customer service, IT and creative.
I make my "living" as a mental health therapist. I've been in this field for over 20 years. For the past 10+ I've worked with emotionally disturbed children. Before that, with victims of rape and domestic violence. I love my work and feel blessed to do my best to help people not only survive their trauma, but also to grow and to find their power and sense of self-worth. As a Witch my spiritual path often guides me in being open to alternative explinations for problems and for methods of healing.

THIS would be one of those perfect examples of a stereotype that people hold about pagans

Thank you for posting :)

So, what do you do?

I'm an "Administrative Coordinator" (which is what they're calling secretaries these days).


How long have you been in this field of work?

I've been in office jobs for over 8 years.


Is it what you feel you are 'meant' do be doing?

Not until I got this job... I got this job four months ago and I really "clicked" with it.



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