So with all the stereotypes of what a pagan is or isn't or who can or can't be a pagan and so on, I thought I'd ask.... What do you do for a living? (help us break some more stereotypes about who can't be a pagan because of whatever job they have ;) lol)

So, what do you do? How long have you been in this field of work? Is it what you feel you are 'meant' do be doing?

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I'm a college student, and soon to be published author coming out with one of the first books for pagan children. ^^

AWESOME!!! Bout time someone did ;)

what is it titled? what's it about?

Its called Suzy Kiddo's Starry Dawn. Its coming out in a month or so..hopefully. Damn Publishers >>; LOL kidding if they are reading :)

Its about a little girl named Suzy who is six years old. She has a familiar cat named Curio and her parents are pagans. Throughout the book she is learning about different parts of Paganism. Yes, it is the watered down version geared toward children. Yes, I know paganism is an umbrella term, but gimme a break.

hey it's an introduction at least... which is a very different approach since most gear toward Christianity ;)

Let me know when it comes out.... my daughter is a major bookworm....and goes to a Catholic school. I thought it'd be a good stepping stone in religion, since that's what I got :P Sooo in need of an expansion to counter brainwash what JK taught her about religion hehe... mind you I have been telling her stories, tales, and lore of other cultures that I've learned :P

What I do currently: Supervisor, operations.


How long in the most recent position: Six months aproximately.


Is it meant to be: Oh Universe, I hope not!



Thank you for your service! Brightest Blessings!

I'm a trained teacher and have been teaching for 16 years, and have post-graduate studies in education, plus I have my own company.
What does your company do?
mail carrier... oil painter
Like this! =)


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