So with all the stereotypes of what a pagan is or isn't or who can or can't be a pagan and so on, I thought I'd ask.... What do you do for a living? (help us break some more stereotypes about who can't be a pagan because of whatever job they have ;) lol)

So, what do you do? How long have you been in this field of work? Is it what you feel you are 'meant' do be doing?

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I work at a local coffee shop, am a full-time student, working on a sit-com script for a friend and other writing things. :)
I'm a librarian=) 
I'm a paralegal, now, unemployed and collecting unemployment.  Oh yes.

I'm working 2 jobs right now.  I'm an Administrative Assistant at a Cabin Rental Resort (been there for over 8 years) and recently started working at a local Sheriffs office as a Detention Officer/Telecommunicator.

Then I also have a Teaching Degree (K-6), but super hard to find a teaching job with all the cut backs and such...


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