.... I have been reading lately from one of my friends, and NOAA that our Sardine, Salmon, and many other fish population has dropped to critical as in could wipe them out. One of the problems with this is that marine life are starving, and also their offspring. Another problem with this is that it is killing our oceans, by 2048 the ocean will die at the rate we are fishing it...and we all know that we will die as well. 90% of our oxygen comes from the ocean.  

Would you be willing to stop fishing, buying, and eating fish/shell fish for two years to save our ocean? 

What do you think? Be nice please...

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Well Rose maybe you should do something about it. Such as this silly unwritten law that Ob's seem to have about not fixing any woman under the age of 23 or Christian groups that are super pro life and getting state governments to make it impossible to get abortions, how about the medicaid rules about not paying for men to get vasectomies in like 39 states or limit the type of birth control they will pay for women, you know for the people that can't afford kids in the first place. How about the states that are removing Family Planning funding.

Talking about it on a social media site is fine, but that's not going to change the rules or the laws or pro lifers that will birth us right out of existence.

By the way once there is marriage equality in every state in the U.S over population is my next important issue to push, but I won't see it completed because I have been working on equality for almost 40 years and it's not even completed yet.

Well that's great, good for you!

Now if we can get 2.7 billion more people to do that then maybe this planet can be sustainable.

...Kixs you are getting off topic. I feel what you are saying. But it's about the ocean 

we have to start somewhere, and the ocean is the place. If you care to go to 

Care.org and start a petition to stop having children for two years, upon agreement

of the people. It's something I know a lot of people that are aware would agree with.

Sorry to get off topic but I was just pointing out the elephant in the room.

"we have to start somewhere, and the ocean is the place."

Actually we have to start everywhere. The ocean is important but so are the trees and the lakes and streams and plants and animals...etc. One is not more important than the others the world is an interdependent eco system.

You can't stop eating fish and then up your consumption of feed lot beef, or corporation farmed veggies and say your doing something for the environment because you not eating fish.

How about suggesting folks eat only organically grown farmed fish instead of wild caught. But then there is the pollution inland floating in the middle of the pacific that is killing off more fish than we are harvesting. If you don't do something about that the whole swearing off wild caught fish for two years will be moot. Then the radiation that Japan poured into the ocean and of course the sonic testing of our own government. The list is endless isn't it.

But your right we need to start some where and you suggest not eating fish for two years.

Well as I said, sure I don't eat that stuff any way. So I'll just live in my cob house with it's alternative energy source and continue to ride my bike when possible and raise my own food and suggest folks quit using plastic until the research is done with the plastic eating mushrooms...okay.

Okay. Don't even get me started on Plastic :D

your spot  on!!  i was 25 when i had  my son, my 1st child. I was  told that  i either had to have my  "husbands "consent  or  my FATHERS!! to get  "fixed" no lie!!

Whoa, your husband or father's consent? What year was this?
Perhaps I should not be so surprised. I had my own WTF experience with doctors and sterilization. I recently discussed the possibility at the OB/GYN clinic I go to. They perform abortions at this place and have rainbow stickers on the door, so it is not some bastion of conservatism. Still, they told me that they consider it "unethical" to sterilize a woman who has not had children. When I explained that I might carry a terrible genetic disease, they told me to fill out some forms to make a case for exemption from the rule. I thought, "Who are these people to tell me what to do with my own body?"
It may be that this reluctance to sterilize is a reaction against earlier eugenic policies that forced sterilization. Did you know that many hospitals used to sterilize Native American women who came there to give birth? To this day, there are Native women who refuse to give birth in hospitals, and who could blame them?

sorry it was  1993.

Makes me think that we need feminism. 

Sure, I don't eat the stuff any way.

Well, I'm vegan. :-) But, even before I was vegan, I actually avoided fish due to the whole mercury, heavy metal situation. 

I'm not kidding myself either, though. My being vegan is not going to stop the destruction of the planet. Humans are growing too much, destroying too much. It's only a matter of time unless nature takes us out or we take ourselves out. On the bright side, I did see a Discovery channel show about earth after humans disappear - 100 years after, 1000, 100,000, 100,000,000, etc. It was very uplifting as it showed earth just regenerating and going on without us just fine. After all, we have to remember, humans have only been around for a tiny amount of time relative to earth's history. 

Having said all that, I don't think we should just say "ah, whatever" and not do anything. I do think we should still try to turn it around, and also just make good choices for the sake of making good choices. I think there is value in that, regardless of one's beliefs. Plus, selfishly, I want humans to make it. I don't want all this to be for nothing, for us to just disappear and never be heard from again.  


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