over the past few days I have been seeing things out of the cirner of my eye that are not there when looking atraight at the area where I see them.

just now I saw something that seemed to be transparent  flying across the room. it moved

soo fast all I saw was a transparent blur with a sparkle of pink and a sparkle of blue both colored sparkles were no bigger than a pixel of a television image.

The other morning I was walking outside to smoke while I waited for the coffee to brew Ifelt for a moment like a cat would be out there sitting on the steps that lead from the porch into the house and when I actually walked out for a split second I saw the cat sitting there right where I expected to see it.  there was nothing there though.  What could this mean? are my mental senses becoming stronger or something like that?

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There is always something going on. It is not just as of late.


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