What is your opinion about the attack on Hellenists and Romans During the fourth century

I was wondering what the wider pagan community thinks about the attack on the Hellenists and Roman's during the fourth century. I'm talking about the anti-pagan laws, attacks and killing of Hellenists and Romans, closing of temples and school, the murder of children for playing with idols. To me these things are far more important than the 'Burning Times' because I can connect to these people more than anyone else.

So what is your opinion and should the wider pagan community note this.

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Tella'sae Michelle

    I often remember those that came before us in truth, I think to many of those times had taken the journey for granted and did not move to stop it quickly even. After all their are always signs before the worst of the events happen and though hopefully people will note it now. That way we can keep it to the forefront of our minds and act wisely this time round to prevent any future events from happening but again this is perfect example of cycles such as the burning times to follow. Mella'tae 

I thought it was horrendous.

You can feel the Dark Ages creeping up.  If you ever saw the movie Agora, that will give you an idea of the desperation of the last pagans and free thinkers.  Many of the defacing of pagan statues and temples that remain in existence didn't get that way through the ravages of time.  The defacing was deliberate (The early Christians were similar to the Taliban in their contempt for graven images).

Ancient pagans had persecuted the early Christians, but not very often, nor in an empire-wide pogrom for years and years as Christian mythology has led everyone to believe.  Scholars do not even know for sure if Christians were fed to the lions in the Colosseum.  They think it's likely that they were but there is zero evidence for it.

But compared to what the followers of early Christianity did once it became the empire's religion, that was nothing.

Unlike the pagans, the early Christians did indeed initiate an empire-wide eradication of pagan worship, tradition and rituals.  They closed of temples, academies and oracles.  

Read the careful description of that.  Christian myth tries to tell you that the pagan religion was dying, but if that were the case, why did they have to CLOSE the pagan temples, academies and shrines?  Because they were still in use.

That which they couldn't destroy, they defaced, that which they couldn't destroy or deface, they claimed for their own.  It makes me sick to think of what we lost.

>> That which they couldn't destroy, they defaced, that which they couldn't destroy or deface,

>> they claimed for their own.  It makes me sick to think of what we lost.

That is what successful political institutions do.

They do so and they grab the minds of a huge part of the population.

But there are always those who go underground and keep an eye on the truth.

Quite frankly, everyone was responsible for atrocities. 

The difference is, Rose, the philosophy behind it.

Did the ancient Roman pagans or Greeks EVER talk about loving their neighbors?  Worshipping peace?  Turning the other cheek?

So what excuse do the Christians have? 

I don't think one is pondering the philosophy behind why they are being torn to bits or burnt at the stake. It's really the same difference. 

I'm talking about the instigators, Rose.  The pagans did it to others, so did the Christians.  Who said they were a religion of peace and love?

So it's really perceived hypocrisy that upsets you more than the actual atrocities. 

It's not 'perceived' it's real.  That's what makes the difference, Rose.  And it's a big difference.  

I really don't think it does make a difference. Certainly not to someone who is a victim of an atrocity. Are they thinking while they're roasting...well at least they're not hypocrites? 

No, they'd be thinking their enemies were evil.  Pure evil. They claim to follow a Prince of Peace and  talk about love and forgiveness and turning the other cheek, and then they roast you alive.

They would consider their other enemies honorable and upstanding in comparison.

Really?  You don't think people feel acts are more heinous when performed by people who claim to be loving?

You don't think child abuse by parents or priests is worse than when done by a stranger?

You don't think murder is more heinous when done by a loved one than by a stranger?

What is your opinion about the attack on Hellenists and Romans During the fourth century?

It was wrong.

I guess people are not understanding it. Let me put it in a better perspective. People were a lot more prone to violence back in the day for a variety of reasons, a lot of which had to do with politics. This is one of the instances of current politics and old ones clashing, creating social reform. Is it right? That is entirely a perspective, I personally do not support it. The minds of people of old were that politics and religion were not all that segregated as they are now.

I think to be honest, it's been so long that most of us can say: Those were Ancestors Versus Ancestors. It's hard to pick a side. Oh Noes... the Romans are getting persecuted! Oh wait, the Romans pretty much raped and pillaged most of my other Ancestor's culture like the whole British Isles and Ireland. So how butt hurt am I suppose to feel? With the Burning times, that was Christians Versus Christians. So I guess if I was to strongly identify with my Christian Ancestors then the Burning times would affect me more.


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