Mine is Lo Scarabeo's classically illustrated "Ancient Italian Tarot".  (I'm a Merseilles-style reader; though I've found it unusual when *some* Rider-Waite-Smith readers have habit of looking down their noses at Merseilles-style readers.)  For me, I need a working tarot deck to have a proper horned Devil card since it is associated with the sign of Capricorn!  However, that being said, I am really loving the Tarot of the Old Path, which came out in the late 1980s, and the artist/ creators consulted several renowned Witches on the symbology: Margot Adler, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Patricia Crowther, Lois Borne, and some lesser known witches, and one "expert" of witchcraft.  I wonder why they did not reach out to Doreen Valiente for input?  Considering how many witches were involved with the project, I am surprised the book did not explore the magical uses of each tarot card.  I was actually considering constructing a Witch Bottle or a Spell Cord using The Moon Card and the Seven of Wands with other herbs and curios as a Home Protection spell since the Seven of Wands is the card of protection and The Moon causes illusions and leads one off the path that or the destination that they are heading towards!

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Wow, you have no idea how often I have heard, over the past few years, tarot readers and witches saying the exact same thing about the Cosmic Tarot!  Just a casual peruse of some scanned images I can say that it has a very serious and even an emphatic connotation within the images.  I must admit that I also tend to prefer older decks to the more modern ones.  I do wish, however, that pip card illustrators would try to think outside of the box a little more, rather than regurgitating more RWS clones!  I think we have enough of those... More than enough, in fact.

I have two. But I'm still searching for the right one. I go to places and pick decks up and they're not for me. I have yet to find that special deck, maybe one day I'll find the right one. I've seen some with beautiful artwork and some with not so great artwork. My mother also thought it was funny to but this little tiny deck called Tarot Nova for me at Borders. But I never use it.

that tarot  nova deck is  cute..:D 

It is but I never use it because its so small haha, I like the average size cards. Not a fan of really small cards or huge ones.

ugh I hate the huge ones. I was being read yesterday and the lady had a HUGE deck and I kept dropping them trying to shuffle them --_--;;

I like the Robin Wood Tarot. It follows the Rider-Waite pattern, but with better artwork, at least to my taste.
I also use a Thoth deck and the Deviant Moon. The Thoth is more mystical and the DM more fantastical.
Can we mention favorite cards? I have always loved the Star card, and it's beautiful in both the Robin Wood and the Thoth. I gaze at the Star every time I take those deck out.

yep thats a good  1 as well.  1st deck i ever bought  it  just works and  is easier to "read" IMHO.

What do you think you are looking for in a deck that you have yet to find?  Might I recommend the Tarot of the Old Path?

I have a Legend of Zelda tarot deck because I'll always be a huge dork and no amount of magick can change that. 

Oh man, I've wanted that deck, too, 'cause me and Link go WAY back!

me too! I love it because it resonates with my childhood side of me who is able to be more accepting of wonder :D

i want to get that deck for my son.  but at the price i saw  on it?  nope.


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