Mine is Lo Scarabeo's classically illustrated "Ancient Italian Tarot".  (I'm a Merseilles-style reader; though I've found it unusual when *some* Rider-Waite-Smith readers have habit of looking down their noses at Merseilles-style readers.)  For me, I need a working tarot deck to have a proper horned Devil card since it is associated with the sign of Capricorn!  However, that being said, I am really loving the Tarot of the Old Path, which came out in the late 1980s, and the artist/ creators consulted several renowned Witches on the symbology: Margot Adler, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Patricia Crowther, Lois Borne, and some lesser known witches, and one "expert" of witchcraft.  I wonder why they did not reach out to Doreen Valiente for input?  Considering how many witches were involved with the project, I am surprised the book did not explore the magical uses of each tarot card.  I was actually considering constructing a Witch Bottle or a Spell Cord using The Moon Card and the Seven of Wands with other herbs and curios as a Home Protection spell since the Seven of Wands is the card of protection and The Moon causes illusions and leads one off the path that or the destination that they are heading towards!

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I know, right?!  It's horribly expensive!!!

the price is more than worth it, given the fact that the artist made each and every card and did a terrific job on it. 78 hand drawn cards? yep. 
I'm sorry if I sound snarky, but I'm in the fan artist busniess myself and I get the "this hard work isn't worth the price" all the time.

Well, not always.  I have seen Grimoire-sellers charging obscene prices for hand-bound leather Grimoire-style books.  Having made several, I can tell you that they are just about as easy as wrapping a Christmas present!  :P  I can whip up a whole potbound book in less than an afternoon.  They are NOT worth the cost I often see on-line: between $300-$600!

I have The Fairy Ring Oracle deck. This was my first and atm only deck. I don't know how to describe it. When I use it, I get hard cold truth, occasionally it's a bit more gentle. It has also alerted me to thought patterns that need to be avoided and to things I had not considered in some situations.

Good Morning :) So my first and favorite deck was bought and gifted to me by a good friend many years ago. Its the R,W,D, I love it and am really drawn to it.

I also have a LE CARTE Wicca deck my girls got me for mothers day one year. Its cool looking but I just haven't clicked with it yet.

I also have the Cachet Tarot deck gifted to me. Beautiful art work big and bold but it really never worked for me either.

My absolute favorite deck to read for myself is the "Rune Card Deck" by Ralph H. Blum it is an amazing deck!

The deck of my dreams I want to have some day is the steam punk deck. Even at my age for some reason Im really drawn to steam punk? LOL who knew/

One more thing I have found over the years Im so not a fan of Oracle cards I feel they are just to fluffy bunny. IMO!

Have a blessed day all PEACE! 

my mom is 58 and she loves steam punk, age is just a number! :D

I love steampunk.

I have three steampunk decks.  The best is the Matthews Steampunk Tarot.


 Excellent artwork,  thick sturdy card stock, good thematic blend of Rider-Waite and steampunk modes (for example, "the majors are linked with the Gods of the Machine, and the suits are Airships, Engines, Submersibles and Leviathans").

Has anyone here worked with the "Green Witch" deck? Just purchased 

no but let me know how that goes for you! I was interested in it too :)

I have a $25 amazon gift card that's burning a hole in my pocket @_@

I'm really a novice reader but my favorite deck is probably The Bohemian Gothic by Karen Mahony & Alex Ubolov. I think I got his name right. I tried andctriedcwitj the universal RWD deck and it made no sense to me. Video picked up the Bohemian Gothic and wow. It made sense right away.

I also have a novelty deck that is really fun and accurate and easy for me to read with. The Housewives Tarot. Really a fun deck. I started collecting decks before I ever started to even try to learn. I've got quite a few now and I don't even know where some of them are. Haha!

Here's a link to the deck I like best, by Sasha Fenton.  I don't have it with me at the moment because I'm living in Germany and it's back home in the States.  It was the first deck I had. I got it when I was in my early- or mid-teens and I find it to be most accurate for me.  Not long after I got it, I pulled out a card for my dad (who was not enthusiastic about it) and it told him he should be prepared for problems around the house and might need a handyman, or something like that; just a day or two later, he had to repair some pipes that had broken in the bathroom, and he told me not to read for him anymore.  haha

Currently, I'm using a Universal Waite deck.  It works okay, but I'm not overly fond of the imagery; I miss my Sasha Fenton.


I have 2 decks of cards. My mother gave a set of medicine cards before I even knew for sure that I was a witch. That is the deck I use the deck I use most often because I am most familiat with it.
However, I also have a dragon tarot deck that I was drawn to by my dragon guardian Pele-Noite.


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