Mine is Lo Scarabeo's classically illustrated "Ancient Italian Tarot".  (I'm a Merseilles-style reader; though I've found it unusual when *some* Rider-Waite-Smith readers have habit of looking down their noses at Merseilles-style readers.)  For me, I need a working tarot deck to have a proper horned Devil card since it is associated with the sign of Capricorn!  However, that being said, I am really loving the Tarot of the Old Path, which came out in the late 1980s, and the artist/ creators consulted several renowned Witches on the symbology: Margot Adler, Janet and Stewart Farrar, Patricia Crowther, Lois Borne, and some lesser known witches, and one "expert" of witchcraft.  I wonder why they did not reach out to Doreen Valiente for input?  Considering how many witches were involved with the project, I am surprised the book did not explore the magical uses of each tarot card.  I was actually considering constructing a Witch Bottle or a Spell Cord using The Moon Card and the Seven of Wands with other herbs and curios as a Home Protection spell since the Seven of Wands is the card of protection and The Moon causes illusions and leads one off the path that or the destination that they are heading towards!

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So, I just bought a fabulous new tarot deck--the Tarot of the Old Path--and, first of all, considering how many well-known Witches were involved with its creation (the Farrers, Patricia Crowther, Lois Bourne, and Margot Adler), I am surprised that I have never heard of it until very recently since it seems to be a very important deck to those of the Craft. I was just surprised that they couldn't get Doreen valiant to contribute to the deck. Also, I bought the OOP companion book for the deck, and there were only a few generic tarot spreads given in the back, but I think it would have been nice to see one spread for each of the contributing Witches involved with this deck, which would number in eight. ;) Granted, my primary deck is the Merseilles-style deck, The Ancient italian Tarot, but I am adoring the symbolism that has been impregnated into this deck. Hmmmm....I wonder how one might employ the tarot in herbal-magick?

I love Tarot right now it is the Gothic Tarot and the Divine Tarot

Love th images. 

Awesome I need check that Tarot out of the Old path

Wow, I have like a dozen decks.  I don't really have a go-to deck.

Regular playing cards, because I'm cheap.

hey, i used to have an Italian playing card deck that was actually for  Italian witches..or so the case said. gave that to my Italian best friend because they really "spoke" for her. 

   as  far  a  i have heard/read, alot of folks use regular playing cards for divination.  it's  really  not uncommon. 

  :D cheer!

mind you it was a lovely deck, they would  not work for me but REALLY called to her & worked for her.  *shrug*  it was an OLD deck.

You wouldn't happen to know where one could find this deck, do you? I love old, beautiful decks!

Mine is The Goddess Tarot Deck by Kris Waldherr. My mother bought it for me and I absolutely love the art and the goddess has always had great meaning to me. :)


I have blessed myself with making my own deck. Works well for me.

I also plan on making my own professional deck as well, that includes herb-lore, planetary/ astrology lore and crystal lore, etc.

Tarot of Dreams deck, They have palace cards specific to environment or setting... love it!

i collect tarot  decks, like many do i suppose. i have found that different decks have different personalities, so to speak.  the 2 decks i use  MOST  i bought while  living  in Germany, from the PX. :D 

       the 1st  the Cosmic Tarot by norbert losche 1988, English version.  man the readings that one gives is the unvarnished balls to the wall truth.  this is truly my go to deck.  it's great!! my other go to deck is  the Elemental Tarot by caroline smith *LOL* 1988. it's slightly gentler in the truth but still VERY to the  point. 

  now  i have another deck round here somewhere an it's got unicorns all over it..i'd have to dig it  out to get the name of  it.  but  that deck is  total fluff.  i also found  a deck that's  kind of a  novelty type thing?  i think it's a  miniaturized version of the rider waite (sp?)  deck but  it's the size of 2 dice put together, maybe a bit smaller. it's supposed to be the worlds smallest tarot deck. :D it's cute.  an there are other decks running round here...:D

 so, there ya have it.  my decks  are bout 20 yrs  old  but still awesome to work with.  

   all things considered i can't afford to buy  any new decks now days.  but hey, when ya got good  ones?  might as well stick with em. :D  i really  love the artwork on most decks.  peoples interpretations of things.  pretty neat.



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