Article:  Does anyone think we Respect the military too much?

America:  Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression...You think you have it right?

Sure you do! Having it doesn't mean you won't be fired from your job, or become the target of a public witchhunt on Facebook!

Lindsey Stone was within sight of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the photo was considered offensive because of the 'expression' it implies...

It doesn't matter much if she's just being silly, or demonstrating her defiance of the sign for the sake of capturing a funny moment at Arlington Cemetery...  She published the photo on Facebook and this was the catalyst for a whirlwind of media attention and her eventual forced leave, and termination.

Do we Respect the Military too much?  Does the guy that cleans the toilets have as much honor as the soldier on the cover of Time Magazine who fought in Iraq?

Do civil employees have to follow the Code of Conduct the military is bound to?

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Grave US Joke Turn Viral on Facebook

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What started out as joke between two American women clowning around in a photo posted on Facebook, quickly turned into a viral volcano. Lindsey Stone, 30, posted a photo taken by her co-worker Jamie Schuh, 38, at one of the most solemn places at Arlington National Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In the photo, Stone is holding up her middle finger and pretending that she is shouting loudly next to a sign calling for “silence and respect” in the military cemetery. The photo was first posted on Stone’s Facebook page, but it went viral and a Facebook page called “Fire Lindsey Stone” was soon created. The page gained more than 16,000 “likes” and attracted a firestorm of attention both in the US and abroad.

On Wednesday, both women were placed on unpaid leave from their jobs at a home for the disabled in the state of Massachusetts, according to media reports. While Stone and Schuh maintain they posted the photo as a joke, their employers and families seemed to find little humor in the situation.

“Before social media hit it big, embarrassing pictures and comments could be shared between friends without too much fear that the public would ever see or hear,” said attorney James Yu in an article for the Contra Costa Lawyer website.

“Media outlets like Facebook make it much easier for what might have once been a private post among friends, to be rapidly shared for public consumption,” he added.

–IANS/RIA Novosti

The trend of photos on her Facebook page show that she did this sort of thing pretty regular and had a sense of humor.  The public is just demanding, morally imposing and insufferable when they feel their moral values have been slighted, IMO. 

especially the insufferable part...

Especially that, yes.  Any person runs the risk of having a witch hunt launched against them for simply expressing themselves, how's that 'protection' under the Constitution?  I suppose the interpretation is:  You can say what you want, and we won't kill you for it...Not yet.

I know a person who attended an Occupy protest and lost their job. I know another person who attended an anti-war rally back in 2003 and they lost their job. And as an organizer who has spoken to many many thousands of people, I could not count the number of times I have heard someone say they agree with an issue, would like to do something, but are afraid they will lose their job.

And then as I mentioned in another comment, there is Helen Thomas whose highly respected 50 year career was just over because in one unguarded moment she spoke her mind. And what she said was factually accurate.

And yes, not yet...

The mob mentality is what sickens me to death, I don't care what the issue is...Kill it with fire!

I am in the military. I feel that I chose a path to better my life and become a productive member of society. The way I grew up I could have easily fallen to the bad influances surrounding me and became hooked on drugs or be a thug. I didn't do good in school. I barely graduated.So when I graduated I didn't know what to do. I found myself to not have a home. So I joined the military. I think a lot of soldiers are the same as me. We made a coice to do something. We would rather die for our country than become a burden. I feel that instead of complaining about things I don't like about my country I decide what I do and do not agree with and become part of that change by being in the military.  I don't do it to get more respect than other people. I now have three children and I do it to show them there is always a way to become what you want to be and hopefully they learn from me. I sacrifice a lot of time away from my family. I sacrifice normal things like cuddling... I miss cuddling.

awe, cute.

How do you feel about one's right to express themselves being curtailed for the sentiment of accusations of disrespect and then robbing a person of their liberties?  Isn't that kind of hypocritical?

I fail to see how terminating someone's employment is robbing them of their liberties.  The asshat wasn't jailed and was placed on adminstrative leave by a private company.  How is that taking her liberty?

You fail to see the Facebook page erected demanding that she be fired?  For what, so people can feel all accomplished while she gets the lynch?  They harassed this woman relentlessly, contacted her employer, contacted the news and for a silly photo on Facebook.  

Well when you say it that way it all sounds kind of silly, doesn't it?

There have been some very aweful pictures posted on facebook before but I don't see how anyone would not think about the potential drawbacks before posting something. However (hear me out) the mob mentality is really over the top. I think the employers fired her because of how she openly was willing to reflect her behavior while being on a business trip not by the influence of the mob on facebook. If someone loves supporting the military this is ok by me but why get so vindictive as to start a page on facebook so to raise support in getting someone fired? This makes me wonder if someone was to purposely give their opinion which did not support the troops....what would happen to them? I have met more than one Air Force soldier who openly displayed their dislike of American civilians. I bullshit you not. Never mind the fact they said some very offensive and nasty things in earshot about the people they bravely protect. So, having said this....what makes it ok for some soldiers to hate (if they sincerely do) civilians but if a civilian was not for the military in general they are in the wrong? This is food for thought.


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