folks help me out here. Some of you have read my blogs can you pick the ones you like best .......I am thinking of picking the best and submitting five to King Features for consideration the link is my blog

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Thank you Rose _ any wisdom you can impart will be appreciated ....I enjoy writing them and would like to write them professionally ..punching a clock makes me grumpy 

All good choices I like those too, I mean to..I mean two I mean tu tu ...I mean tar babies bathing in the pale moon light.......Rose thanks again for looking and thanks for defending my honor 

May I make the recommendation that you run your entries through a good word processor for spelling, grammatical and punctuation corrections before doing so? I noticed a few repetitious mistakes throughout the entries that may affect their decision making process, things like:

your and you're

to and too

I wish you every chance for success! :D

I've read a lot of writing guides (Natalie Goldberg is my favorite), guides to getting published and gone to a fair share of writing workshops and the one thing they all agree on - if you don't care about correcting your writing, neither does the editor. There are plenty of folks with talent who care about proofreading their material or working with someone who can do this for them.

After all, if you can't present professional-level writing, there's little point in presenting yourself to professionals.

To the OP, Strunk & White has an excellent series, the best of which is "Elements of Style" to correct these common errors. They also have companion guides to grammar and punctuation.

The "help me out here" was where my advice came in.

So using your above logic, may I request you stop advising me on my advice to Royal, Rose? :D

I have read style guides on several occasions and still have a AP style book around here somewhere. An extra set of eyes is always helpful and anyone here who is offering their services I am sure we can work something out because copy editors are so fun to mess with. (neener neener neener sticks tongue out at screen)                                                                                                                              I am used to unsolicited advice even when it is diplomatically expressed and once had a cup full of tobacco juice thrown in my direction across a small newsroom. Who knew the AP editor wouldnt catch the difference between led and lead...maybe Republican lead redistricting is a new kind of heavy metal band ( and now live from Austin Republican Lead Redistricting and their hit song Bite Me Slowly.  Rose you are a gem and I will start collecting the ones you mentioned and going over them .....                                                                                           Noe I could tell you all about the value of diplomacy and the value of austerity of rhetoric when you are trying to make a point but it would probably be pointless. I know all about my tendencies to word switch with synonyms and leave out semicolons. It is a curse ....You both would have probably made good newspaper editors ...although Rose sounds like she would be more likely to allow her reporters to slip controlled substances I mean donuts into the newsroom...Both of you keep in touch and don't stop being you   Cheers 

yeah I notice them when I reread the blogs sometimes.. My brain is cross wired I think. I always planned on editing them regardless .....


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